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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by T. Scott Lad, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. T. Scott Lad

    T. Scott Lad Guest

    I am using Pinnacle Studio 9 to capture from a VHS to create a DVD.
    When capturing a video the video and the audio are in sync.
    However, within several minutes the audio is lagging behind the video.
    Did I have a setting incorrectly set, if so what is the correction?
    Is there a way to fix what has been captured or do I need to start over with
    different settings?
    T. Scott Lad, Dec 24, 2004
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  2. T. Scott Lad


    Pinnacle software sucks. Your better off getting yourself a copy of
    virtualdub and using that program instead of Pinnacle with whatever
    capture card you own. Back when Pinnacle Studio 7 was out I had
    purchased one of their yellow analog video capture cables that hooks to
    the usb port. Both hardware and software were absolute pieces of shit.
    I only use it now to do screen caps since that's all it's really good
    for. For digitizing analog video I got better results just using a
    stand-alone dvd recorder and hooking my now outdated Sony TRV67 Hi8
    camcorder to it. Easily transportable dvd right off the bat and if I
    need to edit video or make copies I just pop it into the dvd burner on
    my laptop and go from there.
    , Dec 24, 2004
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  3. I am using Pinnacle Studio 9 to capture from a VHS to create a DVD.

    See if you can get any help out of the site above. I had a similar problem and
    I had to make an adjustment on how much resources I was putting towards
    something or another. I can't remember and I'm not well versed in such things,
    but I do believe it was the site that helped me out. Freddy
, Dec 24, 2004
  4. T. Scott Lad

    George Guest

    When downloading video turn off all other resources. Disconnect from the
    internet, Exit from firewall programs and background virus checkers. Turn
    off all background programs.

    If your computer is doing other things, it may not be able to keep up with
    the frames pouring in at 2 MB per second. Frames will be dropped, and this
    might account for the problems in sync. I disagree with littlejoe. I've been
    quite happy with Pinnacle. It is incredibly easy to use although I've had
    teething troubles in the past too.

    If you intend to do a lot of video make sure that the other programs on your
    computer do NOT access the internet on their own, to look for updates for
    example. The last thing you need while downloading or uploading video is a
    memory hog of a program suddenly connecting with the internet. Do all
    checking for upgrades manually, or at least at a time when you will never be
    editing video.

    Good luck.

    George, Dec 24, 2004
  5. T. Scott Lad

    Shive Guest

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinnacle Crappola. That has happened
    with every version of Studio from 1.0 on. If you still have the receipt,
    take it back.

    Here is what I use and have burned hundreds of captured movies without
    error (by the programs, that is - I have made a few screwups using them)

    Capture with the software that comes with the ATI 9000 card. Or with a
    Hauppauge card. No problem with capturing - I have several capture cards
    and they all work.

    Mpeg2vcr for chopping advertisments or cutting the movie in half or
    chopping episodes out of a daylong capture. Great $69 software that
    doesn't have to reencode when finished, so you save tons of time and don't
    lose fidelity due to another encoding process. Also, it will scroll from
    the front to the back of a 4 hour movie as fast as you can move the mouse.
    Try THAT with Studio 9.

    Sony Movie Studio +DVD for adding chapters. You can also edit with it
    like Pennacle, but I usually just use Mpeg2vcr.

    Dvdshrink freeware for burning or ripping. (Uses Nero that comes with
    your burner.)

    Shive, Dec 26, 2004
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