Video Codecs For WMP9; and recent weird mp3 tags

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Krystal.Klear.Koncepts, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Questions:

    Windows Media Player 9 plays all audio just fine, and most videos,
    including DivX and Xvid - with the codecs installed to their
    default locations. So far, so good.

    If I double-click a *.mpg video file, WMP9 will jump on it, spew
    some dialog about loading a codec, then commence with a dialog
    about error downloading [a] codec - and then it will play the mpg
    with video and sound, only the picture is distorted.

    (I have DivX player, PowerDVD, etc., and can play the file
    somewhere, but that's not what this desperate call for help is

    Is there a codec pack, preferably free, that I can splice into my
    harddrive, (or duct tape it replete with staples and bubble-gum)
    and then get WMP9 to associate with the video files and play them

    Another question: Lately *certain* mp3s played in WMP9 diplay
    tagged information in the WMP GUI - on top of the player whilst the
    mp3 is playing. Some kind of special tagging from the folks at M$
    from what I can gather. Is there any small free utility that will
    simply strip this extraneous tag information from these mp3's and
    let me play them regualarly - with the tag information accessible
    via a normal little tag editor like Tag&Rename?????

    Many thanks in advance for sharing suggestions and solutions!!!


    Krystal.Klear.Koncepts, Sep 20, 2003
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  2. Howdy!

    I'd recommend trying the K-Lite Codec Pack, from (note: Engage popup blocker!)

    So far it's worked for me.
    For this one, I have NO idea.

    Ralph Wade Phillips, Sep 20, 2003
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  3. SWEeeeet deal! It links back to a site which
    is really kewl too.

    Question: in the installation process, does it give some advanced
    options? The reason I'm asking, instead of experimenting, is that
    I have the latest DivX Pro v5.1 and latest XviD codecs already
    greased up and running, and I really don't want to uninstall them
    if I get get around it. Hoping maybe the K-lite Codec Pack [205f]
    will let you select which codecs to install and which to skip? The
    instructions [on the http link above] say to uninstall existing
    stuff, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to inquire if ya might know a
    working workable workaround?

    Now, my pressing burning need is to see if any ubers out there have
    a fix for this M$ mp3 tagging nuisance thangy. Excuse me for being
    cynical, but this thing sure smells like a set-up for a licensing
    kop-bot, if not now, then in the future. Heck, I *listen* to
    mp3's, I don't need a glorified tag side-show - other than access
    to the information old-tag style if'n I needs it. ;^)

    Many thanks for the response and the *excellent* lead and links!!
    Krystal.Klear.Koncepts, Sep 21, 2003
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