Video capture cards

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Bootstrap Bill, May 8, 2004.

  1. I have an ATI "TV Wonder" card. It does "wonders" for NTSC. Is there
    anything like it for HDTV as well?
    Bootstrap Bill, May 8, 2004
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  2. Bootstrap Bill

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    Yes. Hauppauge has a couple of different HDTV models with the WinTV-D
    and the WinTV-HD, Dvico has two or three models, and there is the Vision
    Plus VP-DTV-T. You can search for more info.
    Oldus Fartus, May 9, 2004
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  3. Bootstrap Bill

    Ronald Cole Guest

    Do you know anything about the 8-bit, 9-bit, and 10-bit capture cards?
    I assume that the ATI is an 8-bit capture card. But I've been looking
    for something a little better but having no luck getting good
    information. What do you know about 9- and 10-bit capture cards?
    Ronald Cole, May 11, 2004
  4. Bootstrap Bill

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    I am sorry, I don't. Digital TV is in it's infacy in my area and I
    haven't yet looked fully into them.
    Oldus Fartus, May 11, 2004
  5. Bootstrap Bill

    Ronald Cole Guest

    I wasn't asking about DTV capture cards. My understanding is that
    8-bit cards can only capture 256 colors. 9-bits can render 512 colors
    and 10-bits can render 1024 colors. I would think that if one was
    going to transfer from an inherently analog medium (LD) to a digital
    one, that one would want the better color accuracy afforded by a
    capture card with more than 8-bits.
    Ronald Cole, May 11, 2004
  6. 8 bits represent 256 shades of GREY. Even broadcast equipment only
    generally uses 8-bit DACs. That's 256 shades per colour, which equals
    many millions of colours. Scanners need 24 bits for millions of
    colours,, with 32-bit etc representing Alpha channel information.
    It's just a different terminology between scanners and video systems.

    . Steve ..
    Steve(JazzHunter), May 12, 2004
  7. Bootstrap Bill

    Ronald Cole Guest

    Ok, then, what's the benefit of capture cards with more than 8-bits?
    Ronald Cole, May 16, 2004
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