ViaTalk Nightmare

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by jloc803, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. jloc803

    jloc803 Guest

    ViaTalk is good as far as the adapter being real easy to setup. I
    plugged it in behind a miriad of routers, modems, firewalls and a
    network switch and it had a dial tone immediately. That's where the
    good ended and here's where my nightmare began:

    FIRST: they seem to say yes to any number portability and then once
    you're in, you find out your number cannot be ported. Cleary a BAIT &
    SWITCH tactic. SECOND: to make local calls you must not dial the area
    code. If you do, there is no indication, message anything saying not to
    dial the area code when making a local call. If you want to dial a
    local number with a different area code, you not only have to dial the
    area code, you also have to dial a "1" in front of it. Nothing on their
    knowledgebase tells you about this. THIRD: Try calling the support line
    and expect to be put on hold for a long time. FOURTH: Call the support
    line at night and you hear a recording "YOU ARE CURRENTLY FIRST IN
    LINE". I sat for over an hour being "FIRST IN LINE". I later found out
    they don't have any live phone support after hours. Again there was no
    message saying so and nothing on their website saying so. In-fact it
    suggests 24/7 support (that's only for their trouble ticket system).
    FIFTH: when you are away from your home phone, voicemail access is not
    via a toll free call. Currently the away from home voicemail system is
    down and has been for the last 3 days, at least for me, I cannot access
    voicemail. I can go on, but I'm tired.
    jloc803, Aug 30, 2005
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