VHDL Testbench and vcd file generation

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tayabmemon, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Mar 26, 2010
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    I am working on power analysis of general purpose applications in Quartus-II 9.1. The Model sim was invoked for testbench simulation after compilation of the project in Quartuss-II by using a do script file. The vcd file was generated with do file script as shown below but when I tried to generate vcd file with testbench that reads input from input.txt and put output into output.txt file the vcd does not contain any information.

    Question is how to generate vcd file with test bench reading text data files?

    Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation in this regards.

    # AND_TB.do file generated for test bench reading

    vsim AND_TB
    add wave -r /*
    vcd file AND_TB.vcd
    vcd add -r *
    force x(0) 0
    force x(1) 0
    force y(0) 0
    force y(1) 0
    force clock 0 0
    run 100
    force clock 1 5, 0 50 -repeat 100
    force x(0) 1 5, 0 50 -repeat 200
    force x(1) 1 5, 0 50 -repeat 100
    force y(0) 1 5, 0 50 -repeat 100
    force y(1) 1 5, 0 50 -repeat 150
    run 1000
    vcd checkpoint
    quit –sim

    # do file script for the generation of vcd file when testbench reads input from text files.
    vsim AND_TB
    add wave -r /*
    vcd file AND_TB.vcd
    vcd add -r /AND_TB/ *
    vcd checkpoint
    run 200ns

    Kind Regards
    tayabmemon, Mar 26, 2010
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