Very slow modem in rural area - any init strings?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Alan Parker, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Alan Parker

    Alan Parker Guest

    I have a PCtel HSP56MR modem, and a very weak, poor quality line, not
    help by electric fences.
    I need to be able to "lock" it to a certain speed; sometimes it is fine,
    and then it will retrain and go slow. It seems that it must be
    retraining constantly. I need it to just lock onto a speed. I remember
    seeing one init string that just dialled and connected quickly, and
    stayed at that speed, but it was a different modem, and I can't find the
    init strings for this one. I found a few, but they only limited it to a
    certain speed and below.
    What can I do? It's nothing to do with cpu usage (more than enough power
    for that); given a good line it works fine, and I've done everything I
    can to make my line good.
    Here are the details:

    ATQ0V1E0 - OK
    AT+GMM - PCtel HSP56 MR Data/Fax
    AT+FCLASS=? - 0,1
    AT#CLS=? - 0,1
    AT+GCI? - +GCI:45
    AT+GCI=? -
    ATI1 - A97/C514
    ATI2 - OK
    ATI3 - PCtel HSP56 MR 2.30-9K
    ATI4 - PCtel HSP56 MR Data/Fax
    ATI5 - V.90
    ATI6 - Build 2052
    ATI7 - OK

    What's going on below? Is this a symptom of retraining?

    11-18-2004 17:48:59.317 - Recv: <cr><lf>CONNECT 41333/PROTOCOL:
    LAPM/COMPRESSION: V.42bis<cr><lf>
    11-18-2004 17:48:59.317 - Interpreted response: Connect
    11-18-2004 17:48:59.317 - Connection established at 41333bps.
    11-18-2004 17:48:59.317 - Error-control on.
    11-18-2004 17:48:59.317 - Data compression on.
    11-18-2004 17:48:59.317 - TSP(0000): LINEEVENT: LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED
    11-18-2004 17:49:29.320 - Read: Total: 34621, Per/Sec: 1148, Written:
    Total: 10237, Per/Sec: 338
    11-18-2004 17:51:29.322 - Read: Total: 303851, Per/Sec: 2243, Written:
    Total: 56040, Per/Sec: 381
    11-18-2004 17:53:29.325 - Read: Total: 639045, Per/Sec: 2793, Written:
    Total: 154590, Per/Sec: 821
    11-18-2004 17:55:29.318 - Read: Total: 1006833, Per/Sec: 3090, Written:
    Total: 195443, Per/Sec: 343
    11-18-2004 17:57:29.320 - Read: Total: 1140365, Per/Sec: 1112, Written:
    Total: 220603, Per/Sec: 209

    Alan Parker, Nov 18, 2004
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  2. Alan Parker

    William Bell Guest

    Get a Real Modem like a U.S. Robotics 3COM..

    You get what you pay for

    I payed I think $370 or $270 for this Modem..
    William Bell, Nov 18, 2004
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  3. Alan Parker

    Rider Guest

    <Snip> Here are the details:

    I have seen very good results from a Dynalink Rural modem. Onhe customer
    went from a connect speed of 16k to 42k and stable. But they are pricey, but

    Rider, Nov 18, 2004
  4. Alan Parker

    Alan Parker Guest

    Yes, but:
    1: That was probably a LONG time ago (you can get a decent broadband
    router for that price now!)
    2: Not really convenient hanging a large modem off a laptop
    3: I was after advice on init strings to lock it down, not to buy a new
    modem! As it happens, I was sent n0s37=14s34=9s11=50 off-group which is
    working better already. Still negotiates, but far less.

    Thanks for the help anyway.
    Alan Parker, Nov 19, 2004
  5. There's some handy NZ-based information here:

    But for detail on how to apply it to your modem, try here:
    and here

    Modem - PCTel HSP
    Disable x2 Disable v.42 Disable V.90 Disable V.90 & x2
    n0s37=14 n0s37=13 n0s37=12 \N5

    A stable connection at 33.6kbps on a poor line is often much easier to
    live with than occasional bursts of speed and near-constant
    retraining. At least that's what I figured when I visited my parents
    at Ngunguru, just out of Whangarei.

    ka kite
    Steve Marshall, Nov 19, 2004
  6. Alan Parker

    texan.usenet Guest

    Sorry but original msge did not show!

    I sympathise with you!
    I had a unit I took to NZ not knowing anything about modems.
    Turns out mine was also a HSP.

    Out of desperation, I found a UK website. I did post a note to the
    msge board and had another Kiwi post back he had had same problem with
    same modem but he just got rid of his computer rather than piddle
    around anymore.
    There are also drivers listed on this site.

    I was with ihug and got a couple of techs who were a great help.

    The INIT strings I have are:


    - the above is the one I still use when I use the old machine.

    On the same sheet I have written but have no clue as to why!
    ATN0S37=14 V90 32K
    ATN0S37=13 156L Flex 21000bps
    ATN0S37=12 FOR v34 Extrasetting 19200bps

    The 0 is a zero

    I kept the old machine when I got back here as a standby [which I have
    had to use from time to time when my Disasterous Dell throws *another*
    sad. In fact, I had to use it this past week....

    When I had the Dell under warranty, as I had a in-house warranty, they
    used to send a contractor out from Corpus Christi. Two different
    techies told me the biggest problem they had was with e-machines which
    have - HSP modems!

    texan.usenet, Nov 19, 2004
  7. Alan Parker

    steve Guest

    When was that? I ask because:

    HSP - in the early 90's - was a proprietary protocol of the US Robotics
    modems for doing 9600bps speed? That was superfast in the early
    90's.....until about 1993.

    They were among the first to sell 9.6 modems...and HSP was their protocol
    used prior to the release of the V.32 (?) CCITT/ITU standard?

    They maintained support for it for a considerable time well
    as the ITU standards.

    But HSP would only work with other HSP modems...and the high cost of those
    modems in NZ meant there weren't many of them around.

    Distributed Computing Projects:
    SETI at Home
    steve, Nov 19, 2004
  8. Alan Parker

    texan.usenet Guest

    emachine - not long came onto market here and were 'affordable'!
    Now we know why!

    A brand I would NOT recommend to anyone and hope they NEVER market
    them in NZ.

    I just pulled up specs on one of their current machines:
    Modem: 56K ITU v.92 ready Fax/Modem

    texan.usenet, Nov 19, 2004
  9. Alan Parker

    texan.usenet Guest

  10. Alan Parker

    texan.usenet Guest

  11. Alan Parker

    Gordon Guest

    Good posting people, a very interesting thread, for it shows that there
    are people out there who are still working decade old technology.

    People moan about Telecoms billing cycle, while they wait for faster
    boardband. Meanwhile there are people who would be content with a good
    steady dial up connection.
    Gordon, Nov 20, 2004
  12. Alan Parker

    Gordon Guest

    Fast, good, expensive. Enjoy.

    You often get what you pay for.

    No one every reqreted buying quality.

    The quality remains long after the price has been forgotten.
    Gordon, Nov 20, 2004
  13. Alan Parker

    texan.usenet Guest

    Unless you know about soft modems which I did not and I doubt many who
    just go to buy a computer do, it is as in my example, very easy to
    find out the hard way!

    Personally I would love to see more info available to the public by
    computer makers on modems.
    I had a conx at 43Kpbs with my emachine last week with dl speeds on
    average of between 4 and 8 k which I was happy with considering the
    unit only has a 333 processor.

    Normally with the Dell/1.8, the conx is 49.2 but dl speeds can be very
    slow at times.

    Yeah we live in a rural area too so drop off rates vary.

    The phone company here just tried to up rates for rural service a
    further 2 or 3 cents an hour but were gunned down by the TX PUC on the
    grounds that dialup internet in rural areas must remain affordable.
    [It seems like they were going to start monitoring our useage to
    enable this rate to kick in]...

    texan.usenet, Nov 20, 2004
  14. Alan Parker

    Rider Guest

    Yeah I agree completely!
    Rider, Nov 21, 2004
  15. Alan Parker

    DaveG Guest

    Very true. I'm 10km out of Ohakune, tick, tick, tick on the phone line
    and lucky to get 33k connections.

    "Broadband" is out of the question and so it seems is wireless of any
    kind, although I've managed to get a 2nd hand Ihug satellite setup that
    I'll be trying soon.

    And for this "service" I pay Telecom top dollar.

    DaveG, Nov 22, 2004
  16. heh, you probably pay the same as what everyone else pays... which is
    hardly "top dollar", more like "medium to low dollar"
    Dave -, Nov 22, 2004
  17. ... and there are still some that would love a phone line of any description
    (well ... for less than $10k :) ) ... so they could get even the nasty sort
    of connection described above :)


    Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals
    dying of nothing.

    -Redd Foxx

    Caution ===== followups may have been changed to relevant groups
    (if there were any)
    Bruce Sinclair, Nov 22, 2004
  18. Alan Parker

    DaveG Guest

    I was referring more to paying full price for a lesser quality service
    compared to what others would pay for a line capable of providing
    Jetstream etc. With no local competition there's no incentive for
    Telecom to discount any line rental rates as they have in other areas.

    DaveG, Nov 22, 2004
  19. if you live in the middle of no-where, you're probably being subsidised
    anyway... either live with it, or move.
    Dave -, Nov 22, 2004
  20. Alan Parker

    DaveG Guest

    I'd regard myself as more of a tit on Telecom's cash-cow as they have
    put little to no investment in improving their service to rural
    customers over the years and must have well and truely recouped the
    capital cost of some very old installations many times over by now.

    Sure, I can live with it ... but it doesn't mean I have to be happy with
    it (but hey, I'm not losing any sleep or anything).

    DaveG, Nov 23, 2004
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