Using Win XP to connect Wirelessly to an iPAQ

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Andrew Mawby, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Andrew Mawby

    Andrew Mawby Guest


    I have a desktop PC running Windows XP and an iPAQ h4150 running Pocket

    I've set-up a wireless network using Windows and it's working; I can see the
    network on the desktop and the iPAQ, I'm getting 54mbps and the connection
    is excellent. However, when I launch the Browser all I get is ' The page you
    are looking for cannot be found,' and I can't use e-mail or ActiveSync. All
    these things work when I connect with USB.

    I've checked Firewall settings, repaired the Wireless Connection, checked
    all the settings several times and placed a post in
    microsoft.public.pocketpc.wireless and received this advice, 'I would look
    into your network configuration on the access point, not on the Pocket PC or
    the Windows box. It seems that your router has configuration problem.' I'm
    using a network adapter to manage a adhoc network.

    I just can't get it to work. Can anyone help?

    Thanks, Andrew
    Andrew Mawby, Sep 2, 2005
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  2. Andrew Mawby

    Leroy Guest

    I suspect that you may have to configure your desktop PC to use Internet
    Connection Sharing (ICS).

    Am I correct in assuming that you have your desktop either directly
    connected to the internet or connected to some sort of router?
    Am I also correct in assuming that you have a wired nic (connected to the
    internet) as well as a wirless nic (used for ad-hoc connection)?

    If you are connecting ad-hoc, you won't be able to acces the internet, just
    the shared folders on the pc.

    You can create a "bridge" between the wireless pc adapter and the wired pc

    The Network Connection Setup wiz would be the utility to use, you would have
    to specify the type of connection you want to set up.

    Hope this helps.

    Leroy, Sep 2, 2005
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