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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Amy L., Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Amy L.

    Amy L. Guest

    I have two 4505's that I am using as my core in a redundant
    configuration. All closet switches have a connection to each core.
    Once core is set to be the primary root, and the second 4506 is set to
    be the secondary root.

    I was looking at the following command "spanning-tree guard root".

    It seems that I would place this on all my ports on the root that
    connect to the closet switches. My understanding if it received a
    more favorable BPDU on that port on the core switch it would shut that
    link down preventing a STP topology change.

    Couple of questions based on this?
    1.) How often is this command really used?
    2.) Is this more of a safety feature?
    3.) Would this command just be placed on the Root switch? Would I
    leave this off of the Second 4506 which is configured as a sucessor to
    the root switch in case of failure?

    Amy L., Dec 22, 2003
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