Using cellular bluetooth headset with a computer?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Kompu Kid, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Kompu Kid

    Kompu Kid Guest

    Hello All:

    I have a Plantronics headset, a light-weight one that gets attached to
    the ear, that I use my cell phone.

    Can I use this with my bluetooth enabled computer while calling with
    Skype, MSN, etc?

    I played with it a bit but could not figure it out.

    Kompu Kid, Nov 1, 2007
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  2. Kompu Kid

    Hertz_Donut Guest

    Does your computer have Bluetooth?
    If so, you should be able to pair it easily.

    Hertz_Donut, Nov 1, 2007
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  3. Kompu Kid

    AB Guest

    I have something similar - a plantronics headset for my laoptop,
    similar to what gamers use.
    that connects to my laptop via USB.

    I can connect my blackberry to my laptop via BlueTooth.

    Question: through the audio gateway connection (or something similar),
    can I conduct calls on my blackberry phone using the USB headset, all
    via the laptop?
    AB, Nov 1, 2007
  4. Kompu Kid

    Larry Guest

    A good place to start learning about Bluetooth (BT) is:

    Bluetooth devices respond to certain "profiles" that define what
    the device is and what its use is for two reasons:
    1-Whoever is in control of the services the device runs on wants
    to limit what other devices the device will operate with. Turn
    off the DUN (dial up networking) profile on a cellphone and it
    won't act as a modem for your laptop, for instance. Control
    freaks like Verizon Wireless comes to mind...(c;

    2-To prevent interference between devices. Let's say your little
    Bluetooth network has a cellphone, the cellphone's handsfree
    headset, your laptop, a bluetooth printer and a stereo headset or
    speaker on it in a 30' radius. Ever wonder why the cellphone
    talks to the handsfree earpiece but doesn't interfere with the
    music playing over the BT stereo speakers? That's because it
    will talk to the headset, but the computer won't, while the
    computer will talk to the BT speakers but not the handsfree. All
    this depends on what "profiles" each BT device supports.

    Now, in your case, you'd have to have the PROFILE of a handsfree
    headset running on your computer before the cellphone headset
    will talk to it, even though it WILL pair (communicate) with it,
    now. Pairing doesn't care about profiles, only about
    communications. You can pair the computer with the cellphone
    headset, but it probably won't operate it....and it CERTAINLY
    won't operate it if it is ALREADY paired and connected to your

    Try pairing with it from the computer AFTER you turn the
    cellphone COMPLETELY OFF. See if that works.

    Larry, Nov 1, 2007
  5. Kompu Kid

    dold Guest

    What was it that didn't work?
    I find that pairing to a cellphone and a PC is more trouble than it's
    worth, because you have to disable the "other" device each time you want to
    switch. There are Plantronics models that allow for seamless switching,
    according to the ads, but I haven't seen that.

    Did you get it to pair, but got no audio? Did you "answer" the phone when
    you first connected to the PC?

    I have used the same BT headset on cellphones and PCs for Skype and other
    audio functions. I now have different ones paired to the phone and PC so I
    don't have to switch.
    dold, Nov 1, 2007
  6. Kompu Kid

    Kompu Kid Guest

    - I did get it to pair.
    - Got no audio.
    - I had the cellphone off, so there was no issue with the computer/
    cellphone contention for the same device.
    - I tried dialing out with Skype to see if I can hear the ringing and
    then the voice of the other party. No sound came through the headset,
    and my voice did not go through.

    Kompu Kid, Nov 2, 2007
  7. Kompu Kid

    Kompu Kid Guest


    How do I get the profile of the headset created on the PC?

    BlueSoleil, the software that came with the bluetooth USB device has
    certain devices defined . On of them depicts an icon similar to that
    of handsfree headset. I used this in pairing.

    I see on the BlueSoleil site (
    index.asp?topic=bt_headset) a bunch of headsets, but do not see my
    Plantronics. Could this be the reason for not being able to use the

    Kompu Kid, Nov 2, 2007
  8. Kompu Kid

    Larry Guest

    I'm beginning to think Bluetooth is a mistake. I spent EIGHT
    HOURS at Alltel, today, trying to find a replacement BT phone for
    my DEFECTIVE MOTO E815 that has a data software bug that won't
    stay connected to Alltel. It's BT to my Nokia N800 internet
    tablet worked GREAT! Connection was instant!

    They tried to dump Moto Razr on me V3a, with NO INTERNET, NO
    EVDO...damn them....Then they swapped that for Samsung's old SCH-
    R500 that has old BT v1.2 in it. It won't DUN with the N800's BT
    V2.0 and Samsung says it won't support DUN to anything.

    I'm gonna try a MOTO ROKR in the morning when Alltel opens....

    BT sucks more and time goes by.

    I think your and my problem of incompatibility is the result of
    these damned manufacturers varying from the BT standards to add
    glitz to their product for competitors. If it's not "on the
    list", it's glitz isn't compatible with OUR GLITZ. All headsets
    ought to have the SAME COMMS, dammit!

    I can't help you. Hell, the manufacturers, themselves, refuse to
    give BT support now it's gotten so bad!

    Larry, Nov 3, 2007
  9. Kompu Kid

    Pennywise Guest was full of people who had BT problems, Nokia at
    the time only supported only Laptops and phones as their BT wasn't
    Pennywise, Nov 3, 2007
  10. Kompu Kid

    Larry Guest

    There are two confusing profiles on BT for headsets....stereo
    headsets and handsfree cellphone headsets. I suppose they did
    this so you could use a BT headset with your music player and
    still use the cellphone headset with your phone simultaneously.
    You CANNOT have two devices trying to pair with ONE headset on
    the air simultaneously....While you're trying to pair your PC,
    shut off your cellphone completely and see if that helps.

    I got my Motorola ROKR Z6M's attention today by connecting to it
    from my Nokia N800 internet tablet's file manager to copy files
    over BT FTP. ONCE the ROKR was connected, IT PAIRED WITH THE
    N800 OVER DUN AND PUT ME BACK ON THE NET! It refused to answer
    the DUN call before answering that first FTP call. Now all the
    DUN calls connect to the net immediately!

    Alltel hasn't a clue....

    Larry, Nov 5, 2007
  11. Kompu Kid

    Larry Guest

    wrote in
    I think one of the N800's problems is it is fully BT 2.0
    compliant. The cellphones, even my new Motorola ROKR Z6M,
    hottest new phone, etc., STILL uses BT 1.2, not 2.0. That might
    be the issue why it refused to answer the N800's DUN connect call
    upon bootup.

    I stumbled upon the answer by connecting the N800 file manager
    via FTP to the ROKR's microSD card as an external drive.
    Connecting via FTP also connected the DUN call! It's still
    connecting right up at N800 bootup as the N800 is set to
    autoconnect to the phone. I got my net back over SELLular!

    I'm sure there has to be some compatiblity issues between the
    Nokia devices on BT 2.0 and other devices on BT 1.x

    Larry, Nov 5, 2007
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