Using BT Sockets for Wired Network

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Alan W, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Alan W

    Alan W Guest

    I am considering a home network as part of an upgrade to Broadband. I wish
    to connect Pc's in different rooms. One option seems to be the BT
    homenetwork system which uses BT phone network and BTjack sockets already
    installed in the rooms instead of installing separate Cat5 with RJ45
    sockets. (see

    I have been trying to source the modem/router etc separately from BT as they
    seem expensive, I am not sure I need all the bits they are providing and I
    would like to build in some upgradability

    My problem arises in that although there is a lot of components available
    none of the info available refers to use of the BT sockets. Specific
    questions in my own mind are:

    1) Modem/Routers usually come with RJ11 socket (for broadband WAN connection
    with BT) and one or more RJ45 for the LAN. Can the RJ11 be used as part of
    the LAN as standard or is it only the BT one which does this? Also does this
    have security implications (firewall etc?)
    2) The second (and third etc) PC's in the BT system have a USB PC adaptor
    (£40) between BT jack and USB port. Can I not just install RJ11 to RJ45
    cable (£2.50) between microfilter and PC Ethernet port.

    Any advice or experience greatly appreciated.

    Alan W
    Alan W, Aug 27, 2003
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