Using an SPA3000 as a FXO with Asterisk

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Graham., Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    I've ordered an SPA3000 from ebay and I am waiting for it to arrive.

    In the meantime I've been RTFM etc.

    All I need it to do is present my incoming POTS calls to a trunk in
    Asterisk. That's easy enough I know, but what I didn't bargain for is
    that the SPA3000 itself will answer all POTS calls before passing them
    to Asterisk, and I would much rather it didn't.

    Then I found this thread

    with a workaround that seems to do what I want. Great. I can probably
    cope with that.

    But then I saw this thread

    The poster "Ozzapoo" towards the end, states he has got it working but
    the CLID is mot passed properly, and suggests the CONTEXT code
    amendments are deprecated in current Asterisk versions.

    Has anyone done this and got it to work?
    Graham., Oct 5, 2013
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  2. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    Thanks Jono.
    It looks like my main concern was addressed in later firmware updates,
    and there is now the following option:-
    Off Hook While Calling VoIP: yes/no

    Question for you, is call waiting on the POTS line successfully passed
    to the inbound route destination?
    Graham., Oct 6, 2013
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  3. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    From what I've read the 3102 and 3000 don't really have much of a problem
    with the new firmwares just can take a while to setup!. Anyone know much
    power they use milliamps and how many volts ?. I'm looking at using a R-PI
    on the same power supply IF it uses 5 Volts that is (the power supply can
    supply 2 amps-10 watts). I'm thinking of doing my own 1571, 'saving' £1.75
    from BT with more functionality..

    Dave, Oct 6, 2013
  4. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    Hi Dave I am using RASPBX and I am very impressed.

    I might also consolidate the PSUs, I have one rated at 3.8A I think
    that will supply the pi, a PAP2 and the SPA3000 when it arrives.

    I can't give you figures for the SPA3000 but you may be interested in
    some measurements I took of the PAP2

    Quiescent about 530mA
    FXS1 or FXS2 off-hook about 670mA
    Both off-hook about 800mA
    FXS1 ringing FXS2 (or vice versa) about 1000mA
    call ringing both extensions simultaneously also about 1000mA because
    the software rings them alternately.

    The maximum current I measured was about 1.2A with two old phones with
    electromechanical bells ringing in parallel on one FXS

    Linksys rate the PAP2 at 5v @ 2A but I think is just to match up with
    the supplied PSU, in practice it seems to be about half that current.
    I expect the SPA3000 will be similar in consumption to the PAP2, but I
    can take some measurements when it arrives.

    I'd be interested to know how you use your Pi and what trunks,
    extensions and features you use.
    Graham., Oct 6, 2013
  5. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Hi Graham, Thanks for the figures very useful and as you say I'll rethink
    the PSU's ! I don't have a PI yet put I have FreePBX running as a virtual
    machine. I have a few Sipgate trunks and a Google voice number (out) with a
    couple of extensions (real and desktop) along with the normal phone line.
    I'll will be using time groups to point various CID's to different things,
    voice mail etc when 'aren't' available. personalised announcements
    greetings. One problem I have found is my Draytek 2600 crashes with SIP
    traffic when I setup an external extension ! - took me ages to figure out
    what was going on I put put it down to NAT routing problems !.

    Dave, Oct 6, 2013
  6. Graham.

    ßodincus Guest

    | · : · : · : · : · : · : · Original Message · : · : ·: · : · : · : ·
    | From: Dave
    | Date: 06/10/13 20:51
    Find & nuke any SIP ALG.
    ßodincus, Oct 7, 2013
  7. I have been unable to use any of the more recent firmware updates published
    by Draytek for my Vigor 2920 router because these all prevent reliable SIP
    registration by my Gigaset phone system and SIP ALG has been disabled.

    For other Draytek Vigor 2920 users: I am still on and I have had to
    skip all of 3.6.0, 3.6.1, 3.6.3 and 3.6.4. The one I use works fine for all
    of my present needs but, unlike the 3.6 series, it lacks any IPv6 support.
    Anthony R. Gold, Oct 7, 2013
  8. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Same here ALG is DISABLED on my 2600VG still same issue rebooting
    Same here ALG Disabled on my 2600VG same issue rebooting..
    Dave, Oct 7, 2013
  9. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Dave, Oct 8, 2013
  10. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Don't know what happened with the posting looks like I messed up the
    formatting, somehow ?

    Anyway, Graham have you configured your SPA3000 ?, what setting are you
    using etc..

    Dave, Oct 11, 2013
  11. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    Hi Dave I was away Thus night and the SPA3000 had arrived from Hong
    Kong by Fri evening. It came with a substantial *Netgear* 5V 3A UK
    type PSU

    I now have the landline fully integrated into my system, It only took
    me a few hours of messing with it, it would have taken less if I had
    read the correct guide first, rather than those that turned out less
    than helpful.

    If you follow the instructions here you won't go far wrong:

    In addition so that your Asterisk feature codes work from the FXS,
    remove all 44 "Vertical service activation codes" from the SPA3000
    'regional' tab, and delete the dial plan at the bottom of the
    'line 1' tab and replace it with


    Also in both the "regional" and the "line one" tabs set the FXS/FXO
    port impedance to 370+620||310nF. I also changed the ring waveform
    half way down the regional page to "Sinusoid" although it worked fine
    as it was.

    Change the caller ID method to match your line in the case of BT that
    is ESTI FSK With PR(UK)

    Apart from turning the "PSTN to SPA gain" up from 0 to 6 that's pretty
    much everything I touched.

    No noticable echo on the POTS line so that's a blessing.

    So when are you getting your RPi?`

    This is my phone system so far. I reccon a 3.8A unit I have will power
    it all.
    Graham., Oct 13, 2013
  12. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Hi Graham,
    Thanks for the update !. Yes, I know have my R-PI up and running. Very easy
    more or less copy the working backup from my virtual machine and apply a
    restore to the R-pi that simple. A couple of things I noticed there is no
    System Admin on RaspPBX and no CDR logging at first. I still have an issue
    with my Draytek 2600 rebooting, it appears when I have two SIP's running
    which is a bit of a pain, Sipgate in and out for example. Works ok on a
    Thomson ST585 router ... Good news about no echo on your system, I think
    that can be a pain. All I need now is a SPA 3102 !

    Dave, Oct 13, 2013
  13. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    A lot of quite basic stuff has to be downloaded as a "module" and the
    CDR may well have been one of them, but it is very simple to do and
    you even get emails to remind you something is newer than what you
    have currently installed.

    According to the notes a made when setting RASPBX up, the Freepbx
    account credentials are admin/admin by default. Root password for SSH
    is raspberry.

    Although I have scheduled various things to be backed up to an FTP
    server in the cloud, I must confess that my attempts to restore them
    always fail, however I simply clone the entire SD card every few weeks
    so disaster recovery is simply a case of swapping the card.

    I think you mentioned that you used some Sipgate numbers, and Google
    Voice for outgoing.

    I also have some Sipgate numbers and accounts with many other
    providers too, but my main incoming number are a block of 10
    contiguous local 0161 numbers from
    The beauty of those of course, apart from being free, is that I can
    map the 2 or 3 digit extension numbers to the last two or three digits
    of the DDI.

    Google Voice seems a bit pricey. I use
    Call to a UK mobile is 2.3p (inc), You appear to be paying 8.4p (inc)

    The purpose of this exercise is to retain the BT line for incoming
    calls but nothing whatsoever is routed through it except 999. Even
    0800 0500 0808 go via Sipgate.
    Graham., Oct 13, 2013
  14. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Another problem I'm having is I have an external extension (on my phone,
    cSipsimple), and I'm getting the normal SIP NAT issues - dropping after 6-45
    seconds. I'm forwarding 'another' port to 5060 and have opened UDP ports
    10001-20000 & the 'other port' that is forwarded to 5060. Oh yes I forget to
    add I also have a Localphone trunk they change 0.5p(inc) a minute for
    landline 01 etc, they seem ok I've tested them using a 'test' number I use
    0800 500005 (BT newsline) and they seem pretty good. The GV account is just
    for US numbers (free at the moment). As well as UKDDI setup as a trunk.

    I backup using the backup and restore module and also make a image of the
    entire SD card. All in all I'm very pleased with the PI and RasPBX. Idling
    it uses about 600mA and I've not seen the CPU over 40% !
    Dave, Oct 14, 2013
  15. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Just won a SPA 3102 on ebay, so we'll see how I get on !

    I'll follow your link to the tee !

    Dave, Oct 24, 2013
  16. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    SIP_ALG is disabled, no sound with it enabled !
    Dave, Oct 25, 2013
  17. Graham.

    Dave Guest

    Yes, I think it could be my 'elderly' Drayek 2600VG it only seems to reboot
    when I access two Sipgate accounts at the same time in and out if you see
    what I mean. Took me ages to figure out what was happening, it reboots after
    about 30 seconds, I was looking into NAT issues when I realised the router
    was rebooting - D'oh !!

    Dave, Oct 26, 2013
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