Using a seperate router with the Pix 506e

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Morkai Kurst, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. Morkai Kurst

    Morkai Kurst Guest

    Having been told that the 506e will not route on the same interface I need
    to setup our old linksys router to do the job.

    The question is then about the setup. This is our network diagram

    Other Office------ modem-----router
    dsl modem----pix----linksys router-----network a
    dell router
    network b

    Other office is a secure direct dsl connection.

    The dell router is setup as a gateway to Network B. If a computer on Network
    A asks for an IP address in Network B I need our Linksys to send the
    connection over to the dell router so it goes down there properly. I have
    this all setup in the routing table of the linksys router and it works fine
    when the linksys is our gateway to the internet. Now the Pix is in the
    picture and it can't take on that responsibility so I need to get the two
    working together.

    My main confusion is on the ip addresses for the pix and the linksys. If I
    have this right the Linksys will be seen as the default gateway by the rest
    of the network right? So should be on its Lan IP. on it's Wan ip and given a default gateway of
    which will be the Pix. The pix is then left with all its outside
    configuration as normal.

    We tried this configuration and had no joy. The Pix seems intent on changing
    its IP back to whatever I do. Any chance of some idiot proof
    instructions? :) I normally use the PDM but we have managed to get a
    permanent cable into the console access now so I can do it from there if
    need be.

    Also should it be a crossover cable between the Linksys and the PIX?

    Thanks very much


    Morkai Kurst, Feb 20, 2004
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