Using a HP Deskjet 6122 to print photos

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Michael Meissner, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. (I also posted this in the printer forum in

    My wife went out and bought a new HP Deskjet 6122 printer for her work computer
    (she claims she had been bugging me to fix the old HP 840 she had, but I
    honestly don't remember that part). As I was installing it, I noticed it had
    both USB and parallel ports, and hooked the USB port to her Windows box and the
    parallel port up to a Linksys print server I had lying around, and now I can
    print to it from my Linux boxes. Just for fun, I tried it with premium photo
    and matte papers, and it prints great photos (when I use the appropriate CUPS
    drivers). I didn't expect a business printer to do a good job on photos, but it
    does.... Anyway on to the questions:

    1) How many 8x10 photos can I expect from a single #78 cartridge? I've been
    printing up quite a few test shots, and it looks to be cheaper than
    Walmart's $2.84/page (though 4x6's are probably cheaper at Walmart if you
    batch them up). I unfortunately haven't kept track of how many photos I
    printed out.

    2) How well does the #78 ink hold up over time? I'm about to print a mess of
    calendars for my family, and would hope that the ink wouldn't fade in a
    year's time.

    3) Do people laminate their prints or protect them in some other way? If so,
    what do you use?

    4) If any Linux users are out there, is there a quick way to get the
    postscript->HP PCL converter via CUPS to have 6x4 media? I would like to
    have a queue for printing 6x4 prints, but so far, it just prints a small
    subsegment. Most of my 6x4 stuff is just for my brag book, so I can use
    montage to print 4 5x4's, but it would be useful to print 6x4's every so

    5) Does anybody use the secondary paper tray that is available as an option?
    Are there any problems with it? Thanks in advance.
    Michael Meissner, Oct 15, 2003
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