Usenet (news groups) with Vista?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Alex Clayton, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Alex Clayton

    Alex Clayton Guest

    Usenet (news groups) with Vista?

    My old desk top finally died today, so I will have to get us another one. I
    had read a while back people who bought a Vista saying they could not get
    the "new version" of Outlook that comes with Vista to work as a news reader.
    Is this still the case? If so I would be forced to either buy a different
    reader, or buy a copy of XP and change the new computer? I wanted to know
    before I go buy another one so I know what I need.

    Alex Clayton, Sep 4, 2007
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  2. wow, you are an ignorant wolly.

    I bet you buy Anti-Virus software too.

    Ever tried googling for free anti virus ? (careful though, try looking
    at reviews, so you get a legit one like AVG, not a malicious one).

    How about free news reader/client ? Ever try googling that?

    xananews is an amazing free one.
    Incase you can't google, here's a link

    I don't know if you ever downloaded anything from the internet though.
    It's a skill you should learn.

    I have no idea how you got as far as managing to post something on
    usenet. That's very mysterious. That's a real question.
    jameshanley39, Sep 4, 2007
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  3. Alex Clayton

    Alex Clayton Guest

    Does Mom know you are using her computer again?
    Alex Clayton, Sep 5, 2007
  4. Alex Clayton

    Paul Guest

    Mozilla Thunderbird is another possibility. The "System Requirements"
    page lists Vista, so it should work there. I'm using Thunderbird to
    post this.

    Paul, Sep 5, 2007
  5. Alex Clayton

    Fred Guest

    I don't know if those people are still having problems.
    But if you are referring to the Vista version of Outlook Express which they
    have called Windows Mail it works fine for newsgroups. Posting with it now.
    It looks similar to Outlook Express but they have changed some background
    stuff, like the way messages are stored and etc.

    Fred, Sep 5, 2007
  6. Alex Clayton

    Travis Guest

    Ignore the first two morons (btw keep it on topic next time)...
    Thunderbird is a great usenet client, although I use Google and not
    outlook express or thunderbird I have used it.

    Or, instead of switching to vista (I do not recommend it), just delete
    Vista and install XP on your new computer, I personally find it better
    (a lot do...). If you need help on installing XP over Vista just ask
    in this group or a forum.

    Travis, Sep 5, 2007
  7. Alex Clayton

    Travis Guest

    Delete my message
    Travis, Sep 5, 2007
  8. Alex Clayton

    Alex Clayton Guest

    Ok if I have to set up someone I will be able to give it a try then. I have
    only seen one Vista machine so far, a co worker bought a Laptop with it. I
    got it up and running for her but we did not have a news feed at work and
    she had no interest in it anyway. I did see first hand what they mean about
    the RAM though. At first I thought something was wrong with the machine. I
    was trying to load anti virus, and anti spy ware and fire wall onto it and
    it kept slowing down to the point I thought it had locked up a couple times.
    Then I realized you just had to be careful to only try to do one thing at a
    time. It had 512 which they were at that time saying was the "min needed"
    RAM. I notice now I am seeing even the cheapest machines including 1024. So
    I guess they were getting too many complaints. After I did some more looking
    yesterday it dawned on me I would have to buy new printers too. I forgot our
    old scanner printer combo is a pre XP. They don't offer a driver for Vista,
    but it still works and I don't want to be having to plug in one of the
    laptops every time I want to print or scan. Wife has an old PDA and we both
    have old MP3 players so I decided to hell with it and ordered up a new desk
    top from Dell made with XP. At least now I know all our stuff will work.
    Thanks though, the next time I have to help with a Vista machine I will see
    if I can get my news feed on it.
    Alex Clayton, Sep 5, 2007
  9. Alex Clayton

    Alex Clayton Guest

    This is Usenet, the morons are always good for a few laughs. If you want
    I had thought about checking into that, I know several people who use Agent,
    but they had warned the free version did not work as well as the pay
    version. I just did not want to have to learn a new system if there was an
    easy way around it. I have over the years heard a LOT of bitching about OE,
    but after WebTV it's what I learned on, and have never had any complaints
    with it.
    That was one of my first ideas, since I know XP and was not impressed with
    the one version of Vista I had seen so far. I could see nothing on the Vista
    machine I set up that interested me. It's just that looking around all I see
    now is Vista. When I was looking I get the impression I would either have to
    buy a copy of XP or take the old machine and new machine to a pro to have
    the old license moved to the new machine? Either way I did not want to have
    to spend more money after buying a new PC. Looking at Amazon XP runs from
    about $100.00 to about $200.00 depending on which "version" and reading the
    reviews it was not clear if I would need a "full version" or the cheap one
    to just format a new machine and install XP. Even the $100.00 one pisses me
    off since a large chunk of the cost of a new PC would be the Vista version I
    would be basically throwing away. Anyway after more looking around I just
    decided to have Dell build us a new desktop with XP. Now everything will be
    the same, all our stuff will I know work, and when it gets here I can easily
    set it up and have it running since this system I know.
    Alex Clayton, Sep 5, 2007
  10. Alex Clayton

    Fred Guest

    Yes Vista is better with more RAM.
    You are probably better off using XP as some older versions of programs
    don't function fully on Vista.

    re the slow performance after installing programs.
    This may be caused by the file indexing service associated with Vista
    With Vista, search is integrated into the Start menu, Explorer windows,
    Control Panel and etc.
    It's one feature that I like and sets it apart from XP.
    As an example I just installed Adobe Master Collection CS3 which includes
    some 19 programs that consume over 5GB's of disc space with over 44,000
    files on my Vista machine.
    The machine ran very slowly at first as the programs were competing with the
    indexing service for disc access.
    After a while, once the indexing service had completed, things were back to
    Fred, Sep 5, 2007
  11. Don't be a moron. Computers don't speak english.

    You told the OP to ignore the first 2 morons. If I am one of the
    morons, who here do you think is/was the other one ?

    You suggested the OP change operating system (well, you said 'install
    xp over vista', which is of course a nonsense, but I know what you
    meant. Maybe you could remove your operating system and wait for one
    that speaks english and gives you a conversation.
    jameshanley39, Sep 5, 2007
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