useful util for new installs of windows? I think so

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Zipper, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Zipper

    Zipper Guest

    I stumbled accross this utility called nlite, maybe some of you have
    heard of it, I think there are some others out there that do similar
    jobs but nlite seems to have a large support base and lots of addons for it.

    Anyway what is basically does is lets you preconfigure an installation
    of windows 2000,xp or 2003. You just need your original Windows CD and
    then you can start changing things.

    Some of the things you can change..

    The timezone, region settings etc so you don't have to keep selecting
    NZ. You can preconfigure network settings, your windows key, the users
    for the system etc etc etc. You can slipstream Service packs in and all
    the latest hotfixes, you can add the latest nvidia drivers etc and xvid
    codecs, people have added things like firefox and thunderbird into the
    installs. Also tons of registry settings, tweaks etc.

    Almost anything you can imagine can be changed, then when you run the
    ISO, windows won't even ask you the questions for which you have already
    configured answers, it will ask you for any that you didn't setup however.

    it is great installing on a new machine and everything is there that you
    need straight out of the box with the latest drivers, codecs, and all
    the little things in widnows that you always have to change to suit

    Maybe old news for some but just incase some didn't know like me :)

    google for nlite
    Zipper, Nov 1, 2006
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  2. Zipper

    Zipper Guest

    Old news but thanks for pointing it out
    Old news to oldies, new news to us young people I guess :)
    Yeah i was more after using it for adding things I guess, its great not
    having to install the latest nvidia drivers, codecs to watch movies,
    hotfixes etc. I wish someone else had posted about it earlier :).
    Zipper, Nov 2, 2006
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