Used Sigma SD-9 body

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Mike Tuthill, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Mike Tuthill

    Mike Tuthill Guest

    Seeing as I already have an SA lens collection I'm interested in a
    SD-9 body. The "new" price is still a little steep so I'm interested
    in seeing if I can pick up a used body. Does anyone know of an online
    shop that would have such an animal?

    Mike Tuthill, Feb 1, 2004
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  2. There's a guy on this group named George Preddy trying to get rid of his.

    Gary Eickmeier
    Gary Eickmeier, Feb 2, 2004
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  3. The SD-9 is a very poor camera. The SD-10 is still not great, but it
    corrects many of the flaws of the SD-9. In short, don't waste your money on
    an SD-9. Sigma was virtually giving them away.
    Steven M. Scharf, Feb 2, 2004
  4. They are very hard to find used. But at the $629 mark new for a 10.3MP pro
    bodied DSLR, going used seems a little hard to justify...

    I've never ordered from them, but I know one person who bought an SD9 there
    with no problems.
    The 10.3MP SD9 (14MP-interpolated) is the best DSLR made, nothing comes
    close to its medium format film quality non-interpolated output. In fact,
    no other digital camera can even produce a non-interpolated true photograph.
    Film is the only other option.

    The SD9 is arguably better than the SD10, but that all depends on what you
    value most. The 14MP-interpolated Kodak 14n has massive artifacting
    problems, and the $8000 Canon 1Ds is too low res in full color at only
    George Preddy, Feb 2, 2004
  5. Mike Tuthill

    CBM Guest

    Just goes to show that they are going for more on ebay. Fools.
    CBM, Feb 2, 2004
  6. Mike Tuthill

    CBM Guest

    Just checked out some of their prices, and canon is holding its price no
    The SD9 is only 30 bucks higher than a Minolta A1
    Hummm, might go with the A1.
    CBM, Feb 2, 2004
  7. Good one.
    George Preddy, Feb 2, 2004
  8. Mike Tuthill

    Lionel Guest

    Heh. Half the price of the 10D, & Sigma still can't get rid of them.
    Crappy though the SD9 colour is, at that throwaway price you'd think
    that people would be willing to take a chance on them. I guess that even
    the most unfussy types don't think 3.4 megapixels is worth bothering
    From the same website you just quoted above:
    "CanonĀ EOS-1DS, 11.1 Megapixel SLR Digital Camera"
    Lionel, Feb 2, 2004
  9. One more thing. Don't let an existing lens collection force a bad buying
    decision. You're better off starting over with a Canon Digital Rebel or 10D,
    and building up a new lens collection. The Sigma lenses are nothing to write
    home about.All the experts agree that the Sigma digital SLRs should be
    avoided due to their poor quality images. The Canon D-SLRs are acknowledges
    as the best amateur and prosumer digital SLRs on the market. This may change
    with new introductions by other manufacturers, but it's safe to say that
    Sigma's offerings will remain the worst choice you can make.

    The SD9 was discontinued for a very good reason!
    Steven M. Scharf, Feb 2, 2004
  10. Mike Tuthill

    Bill Guest

    Acknowledged by???


    Bill, Feb 2, 2004
  11. They are sold out.
    George Preddy, Feb 2, 2004
  12. The new ones are much better than Canon L on value. On absolute performance
    the Sigma EXs are gernerally better, but Canon does make a few good
    George Preddy, Feb 2, 2004
  13. Yes, the SD10 replaced it. The two are about the same, the 10 increases
    sensitivity by a stop in exchange for a hair less sharpness. In good light
    the 9 is better, in poor light the 10 is better, both are close. Both will
    carry 3 to 4X the color resolution of a 6MP-interpolated Bayer, and 2X the
    color resolution of a 1Ds. The SD10 also has a single battery source, but
    as a result a little less power too. The Power Pack is good for 2000 shots
    with CRV3s or 1000 shots with AA NiMHs with both, so its hard to care.
    George Preddy, Feb 2, 2004
  14. Mike Tuthill

    Lionel Guest

    Yeah, sure.
    Lionel, Feb 3, 2004
  15. Michael Benveniste, Feb 3, 2004
  16. Mike Tuthill

    Mike Tuthill Guest

    Thanks for the info. As I expected a fair number of people (well
    meaning I'm sure) are advising against buying the SD9 however, I've
    seen many images from the SD9 and I'm sure that a typical consumer
    digicam can't approach the image quality of this camera. Sure, it
    would be nice to be able to justify the cost of replacing lenses and
    buying a Canon but I'm not a pro and I'm not rich so I'll just have to
    settle for an SD9 when the right price comes along. And it will come
    along if the camera is truly as bad as some would let on.
    Mike Tuthill, Feb 3, 2004
  17. ....who've never used a Foveon camera...
    "Settling" for not having Canon printed on a really lousy, low res, blurry
    DSLR is not a big deal. Canon makes some decent DSLR bodies (i.e.
    everything but the dRebel), but their sensors are the worst on value. The
    only Canon I would consider is the 11MP-interpolated, 2.7MP-non-interpolated
    $8000 1Ds. It has enough optical sensors that even after Bayer
    inefficiencies and required downscaling and sharening, you can print a
    decent photo. But the SD9's 14MP-interpolated, 3.4MP-non-interpolated
    prints are noticably better, so at $630 its a pretty easy choice.

    The SD10 is a great machine too, its easer to shoot in low light because
    there is no need to -EV on the body and +EV in RAW, but I would argue that
    the microlenses that make that possible also make the image just a tiny bit
    softer. Still, no where near as soft (read: very blurry) as Bayer DSLR, but
    a hair softer than the 9. If you value the ultimate in well lit image
    quality, get the 9. If you value a little more low light convenience, get
    the 10. But even that is too oversimplified, for example the money saved on
    the 9 may facilitates buying brighter pro lenses.

    As you'll see in the link below, Canon gets a lot of charity and tact in
    exchange for their continued sponsorship.

    "The prints that were displayed of both the Canon 1Ds and the SD9 were quite
    impressive. I was particularly impressed by the sharpness and color quality
    exhibited by the Foveon prints."

    "Adam, thanks for having the Foveon people come down. And yes, the 1Ds is an
    awesome machine. If it had a Foveon chip in it, I wouldn't be sleeping."

    "The Foveon presentation by Dick Merrill was an eye-opener. I understood the
    concept of the Foveon sensor, but when he indicated that it had no problem
    "seeing" colors as narrow as only 1 pixel as opposed to the way every other
    sensor kind of falls apart and guesses (creating color fringes and
    what-not), I was amazed. Looking at the results, seeing the clarity of the
    prints, makes me want to not wait till Canon wakes up. The SD-9 felt like a
    brick, and feel is very important in a tool that's meant to be responsive,
    but if I have to use a brick to produce images like the ones I saw at the
    meeting, so be it. That might be the only way to send a message to Canon.
    Vote with my money."

    "Outstanding, highly interactive's always interesting watching
    a fledgling technology emerging into the harsh reality of "tunnel vision"
    and "legacy methodolgy". It will be interesting to see if, after the
    discussions that Foveon has with Canon, Nikon, and others, and if, after the
    SD-9 has been out a while, the CCD and CMOS technolgies fade away to the
    vertical sensor approach. I was truly amazed with the clarity of the
    pictures...Truly incredible. I certainly understand it a lot better than I
    did. And it was great catcing up with an old friend of mine, Eric Zarakov
    (Apple days...well gone by). As for the 1Ds, it's a great looking machine,
    but I don't think it's on my list...For $9K, they OUGHT to have a FOVEON
    chip inside. ;)"

    "Adam, as usual I really enjoyed this meeting. I was so happy to have the X3
    presented in a more technical lecture style. This fit really well with the
    auditorium setting, and of course the right public speakers. It's pretty
    clear that the X3 sensor is here to stay. I don't characterize it as a
    Foveon versus Canon issue. Foveon sells sensors. Canon sells cameras. Sure
    they make their own sensors, but I'm sure they'll buy X3 sensors when they
    feel the time is right. All in all, an exciting and educational evening."
    "Adam, It was a terrific meeting. The interaction between the audience and
    feedback from Jim from Canon and Dick and the others from Foveon and Sigma
    were excellent. Dick Merril's presentation was great and made the
    differences between the "old" technology (CCD and CMOS) and the potential of
    Foveon X3 abundantly clear. The Sigma X3 photos were amazing for a so-called
    only 3MP sensor. It truly deserves to be recognized as a 6-10MP sensor. If,
    or more likely, when X3 gets into the lens and camera body quality of
    Canon/Nikon type systems and gets some of the additional development from
    them and others that it deserves, it seems that it will be hard to beat!"

    I even got to look at some comparison prints done from a D60, D100, S2, and
    SD9. Guess which ones looked the best? OK, a bit baited but I was impressed
    nonetheless. BTW, Foveon did not produce the shots. It was done by a private
    photographer (Hmm... Independent lab).

    "As I left, I ended up in a conversation with Jim Rose and a few others
    about various Canon 1Ds subjects and even a few concerns about the D60 CF
    card and Microdrive problems. I also mentioned I thought the 1Ds prints in
    the non-gloss paper (Ilford) were quite soft and didn't show the camera in a
    good light. It seems that perhaps the ink may have migrated across the paper

    Note: There were no positive remarks about the Canon 1Ds that was shown.
    George Preddy, Feb 3, 2004
  18. Mike Tuthill

    Lionel Guest

    Not that it has anything to do with the excellence of their equipment...
    "also led Foveon and Sigma to limit the camera's sensitivity from ISO100
    to ISO400 (ISO800 was too noisy)"
    "The prints that were displayed of both the Canon 1Ds and the SD9 were
    quite impressive. "
    Lionel, Feb 3, 2004
  19. It is not a horrible camera when compared against other 3Mp cameras. Some
    people compare it against true 6Mp cameras, and of course it comes up short.
    Of course Sigma is partially responsible for this unfair comparison, since
    they've attempted to redefine the meaning of a pixel! Not many people were
    fooled by the whole X3 schtick, which is why Sigma failed with their digital

    When you can pick up an SD-9 in the $200-250 range then it will be
    worthwhile. However I think the people that bought them at $600-650 did so
    because they have a collection of Sigma lenses, and hence they may not be so
    quick to sell it for one-third to one-half of what they paid. With the
    updated firmware, the
    SD-9 is an adequate SLR if you already have lenses. Certainly no one is
    going to buy one if they are already invested in Canon or Nikon lenses, and
    few people are going to buy them if they have no lenses at all yet (which is
    of course why Sigma has had such a tough time selling them).

    The big question is what's next for Sigma. If Foveon comes up with a 6Mp or
    8Mp sensor then Sigma might continue with their D-SLR business, but at 3Mp
    they're just going to go into harvest mode. Of course unless Foveon comes up
    with something on the high end, they're history too.
    Steven M. Scharf, Feb 3, 2004
  20. The experts.
    Steven M. Scharf, Feb 3, 2004
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