usb2 drivers ?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, May 31, 2005.

  1. Yes, you're right. They don't "show up", you don't need to use your mobo
    drivers disk, they're JUST THERE. Already installed and working.

    On ASUS motherboards, you MAY need to go into the BIOS and change the speed
    on your USB2 ports. The default is for "Full Speed" which is 1.1 speed. You
    need to set them to "Hi Speed" which is 2.0 speed. And every time you update
    your BIOS, it gets reset.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 31, 2005
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  2. Guest

    _Mark_ Guest

    YEP, everytime...

    _Mark_, May 31, 2005
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  3. really, really annoying, I agree. Just ran in to it again today -- I updated
    to the current version and it blew away all my settings. And I'd forgotten to
    reset that one so things got really, really slow. :)
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 31, 2005
  4. As we have the same mobo, I'm interested to know what kind of update you
    performed ;)
    Thanks Charlie
    Christian Hougardy, May 31, 2005
  5. There's a new beta BIOS out 13.005. I was looking to see if it supported the
    new dual core processors, but it doesn't look like it. I'm not sure what was
    changed in this version, and the new ASUS site has now made it nearly
    impossible to find out. :(
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 31, 2005
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    their is

    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    found that file (usbehci.sys) , but it is in the system32 folder is this
    right ? and it does not say anything about usb2
    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
  8. Guest

    Rick Guest

    Because the first part of 'usbehci.sys' is short for USB EnHanced
    Controller. The Enhanced Controller is the USB 2.0 "High Speed" driver.
    So, if the file is listed as being a driver installed for your USB
    device, then USB 2.0 is in fact installed on your mobo.

    Microsoft will have to answer about whether the location is right.
    That's where it's at on my x64 system, so I assume that's where it
    belongs. But, it's one of those thing I really don't care where it's at
    if it's working! In other words, D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.????
    Rick, Jun 1, 2005
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i changed it in the bios , but still says standard enhanced usb (i give up)
    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
  10. Rafael Rivera [], Jun 1, 2005
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thank you very much , this will sort it now cheers all
    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
  12. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 1, 2005
  13. It's right. Sigh.

    OK, once more, for the record. %windir%\system32 is where 64-bit system
    programs live. %windir%\SysWOW64 is where 32-bit system programs live.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jun 1, 2005
  14. Nor does it need to. THIS IS A USB 2.0 DRIVER.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jun 1, 2005
  15. And why should it say anything else? It's a standard driver for enhanced (ie,
    2.0) USB.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jun 1, 2005
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    lol , in xp32 it said usb2 not enhanced

    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
  17. Thank you Charlie
    Christian Hougardy, Jun 1, 2005
  18. [wizardofozmode]
    We're not in 32-bit any more, Toto.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jun 1, 2005
  19. You have to admit that that could be a tad confusing. <g>
    Steve Foster [SBS MVP], Jun 1, 2005
  20. Oh, I definitely think it's confusing. And I'm sure there were compelling
    reasons why it was done, but I do wonder...
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jun 1, 2005
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