USB Keys and Cisco VPN Concentrator / Cisco VPN Client ?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by TechGuy, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. TechGuy

    TechGuy Guest

    I am aware of various USB type keys that work in conjunction with the
    Cisco VPN client and the Cisco VPN concentrator for added security.

    The two that come to mind are:

    Aladdin eToken
    RSA SecurID

    Can anyone think of and recommend any others ? Looking to evaluate
    various ones out there.

    Anyone know of anything along these lines but that also contain the
    Cisco VPN client? The idea being user has a USB key, that they can
    plug into any internet accessible windows pc, and launch the client
    from the key rather then having to install and setup the Cisco VPN
    client. Just trying to get a better feel of what is out there.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments?
    TechGuy, Oct 20, 2005
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  2. You will need admin-rights or rights to install sw, inorder to do what you
    This is also true if you consider WebVPN/SSL VPN/SecureDesktop features of
    the VPN3000's

    An other setup is to use Citrix Metaframe/SecureGateway and/or have the
    VPN3000 Frontend this.

    I do not know of any other OTP tokens, and OTP is what you want thats for

    Martin Bilgrav
    Martin Bilgrav, Oct 20, 2005
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  3. TechGuy

    owen.nick Guest


    You can run the WiKID token on any USB device. Since the WiKID client
    uses asymmetric cryptography instead of a shared secret, there is no
    need to assign a particular token to each user. The keys are generated
    on the device and a key pair swap is performed as part of the
    registration process which can be automated using AD credentials on
    your LAN with the ASP scripts we provide.

    So you could put the Cisco VPN client and the WiKID token onto a USB
    drive and hand them out like candy. Then direct the users to the ASP
    scripts on your LAN and have them set up their tokens.

    I like the idea of having the token and the VPN client on the same USB
    token. I wonder if there are security risks though of allowing the
    users to use any windows pc. They could plug into a malicious machine.
    BTW, with the WiKID J2SE client, you can use Mac and Linux too and each
    user could have more than one token.



    Nick Owen
    WiKID Systems, Inc.
    404.962.8983 (desk)
    404.542.9453 (cell)
    At last, two-factor authentication, without the hassle factor
    Now open source:
    owen.nick, Oct 24, 2005
  4. TechGuy


    Feb 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Devices for your review

    Route1's Mobikey/TruOffice - Good device (Been using one for a year now...) Basically you load the TruOffice software on a Host computer inside your network and Register the Host. Once registered, you can then access that host from any internet capable PC.

    G/On - I dont have a lot of info on this one, although it is a competitor to the MobiKey

    BeCrypt - This is a pretty snazzy device which basically has an OS loaded on the USB, and allows you to use again any internet capable PC to access your network. I haven't demo'd the device, but have gotten a presentation by the vendor. You basically turn off the PC insert the BeCrypt USB and power on the PC which boots from the USB. You can load any existing VPN thin client (Like Cisco, Juniper, or as on my presentation the AEP Network SmartGate client (Called SmartPass) and gain access to your network.

    Another similar device to the BeCrypt device is the Blue Ridge Networks Pixie, but only works in tandem with their BoarderGuard VPN device for network access.

    Hope this helps...
    GizmoTech, Feb 5, 2009
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