USB device has malfunctioned

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by dingalingdeb, May 17, 2006.

  1. dingalingdeb

    dingalingdeb Guest

    Hi; I have a Travel Mate 2300 Acer Windows XP laptop. I'd been having
    trouble with my printer and the 'regular' fixes weren't working (like
    restarting the printspooler). I started getting 'baloons' stating 'power
    surge on hub port' - a USB device has malfunctiond and exceeded the power
    limits of its hub port. You should disconnect the device.
    Recommendation: o reenable the port, disconnect the hardware - click reset.
    f you click close, the port will no longer function. Well, the problem is
    that I don't know what to disconnect and when I click on the highlighted
    malfunctioning hub port, it will go to the list and they all say they're
    working (the hub ports) Then I started getting the message 'unknown USB
    device' and telling me to uninstall it and reinstall .... I have 6 ports and
    the 'unknown' one is highlighted but I canNOT find any way to get into that
    one and uninstall/delete/whatever... it. I go to device manager and check
    each one and they all say they're ok and enabled and I don't know which one
    it could be that's malfunctioning, since it says they're all ok.... this has
    me stumped. Any ideas?

    dingalingdeb, May 17, 2006
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  2. dingalingdeb

    beenthere Guest

    Divide and conquer.
    Switch off, Remove USB devices. Start computer, and make sure it`s
    running in a stable manner.
    Then switch off and Add 1 device. Repeat stability test, and so on,
    `till you get the problem again.
    Always use the Safely remove icon in the systray to disconnect,
    and remove USB devices. HTH.
    beenthere, May 17, 2006
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  3. dingalingdeb

    dingalingdeb Guest

    I must first apologize for my stupidity - When you say 'remove USB devices'
    do you mean unplug everything? or delete from te device manager? or both?
    Also, I don't appear to have a 'safely remove' icon in my systems tray??

    dingalingdeb, May 17, 2006
  4. dingalingdeb

    beenthere Guest

    Unplug any USB devices.
    You can check in Device Manager first to make sure you Don`t
    have any yellow ! marks. If you do, they`ve got to be fixed.
    Then carry on as I suggested.
    You should have an icon in the Systray if you have a USB device
    attached, and in the case of a printer, switched on.
    beenthere, May 17, 2006
  5. dingalingdeb

    dingalingdeb Guest

    Thanks, I found the safety remove icon; it was hidden in the inactive icon

    dingaling deb
    dingalingdeb, May 21, 2006
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