USB 2 hub not being recognized

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Nick Heaps, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Nick Heaps

    Nick Heaps Guest

    I've just upgraded to USB 2, finally. Installed the card no problem but now
    I can't get the hub to load up on the computer.

    No hub, no connections, which is why I needed it in the first place.

    I've tried the manufacturer, Dynex, for a driver with no luck. They
    indicate that WIN XP will automaitcaly recognise the unit. Well it doesn't.

    Any ideas?
    Nick Heaps, Apr 22, 2005
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  2. Nick Heaps

    old john Guest

    winXP couldn`t find my USB2 on my gigabyte motherboard. i had to supply it
    with the driver files. it`s got to show up in device manager,as USB2
    hub.perhaps your Mboard manu can help with drivers. best wishes..J
    old john, Apr 22, 2005
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  3. Hi Nick

    As far as I'm aware, Windows XP Service Pack 1 is required for USB2.
    Check for that first of all.
    I remember I dealt with a similar problem. The USB card functioned in XP
    (pre SP1), but only at normal USB speeds, not USB2 speed. Updating to
    SP1 resolved this.

    Does the device appear in Device manager at all? Even as an unknown
    device? If not, it may well be faulty.

    Hope this helps

    George A Hamilton, Apr 22, 2005
  4. Nick Heaps

    Parko Guest

    Re-seat the card. Or it's a dudley doright.
    Parko, Apr 23, 2005
  5. Nick Heaps

    Nick Heaps Guest

    The USB@ card is not the issue, I've got my mouse plugged into it and it
    runs ok, as well I've pluged other devices into it and there's no issues.
    Just when I've plugged in the USB hub device. It recognizes teh devise but
    there's no drivers recognized for the hub.

    The HUB is a Dynex USB 2.0 7 port Hub.
    Model DX-UH227
    Nick Heaps, Apr 23, 2005
  6. Nick Heaps

    pcbutts1 Guest

    What makes you think it is not working? you said it recognizes it what
    happens next?


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    pcbutts1, Apr 23, 2005
  7. Nick Heaps

    Nick Heaps Guest

    Everything that I plug into the hub doesn't connect to the computer.

    It's frustrating.

    The devices do woork when I plug them straight into the USB@ ports on the
    new card but nothing from the hub.

    Nick Heaps, Apr 23, 2005
  8. Nick Heaps

    old john Guest

    it`s got to be a faulty hub if the USBs are working OK. best wishes..J
    old john, Apr 23, 2005
  9. Nick Heaps

    pcbutts1 Guest

    pcbutts1, Apr 23, 2005
  10. Nick Heaps

    JANA Guest

    The hub must be faulty. Try another one!
    JANA, Apr 24, 2005
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