Upgrading graphics on a computer with Integrated Graphics

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by sharonf, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. sharonf

    sharonf Guest

    This may sound like a dumb question but how do I go about upgrading the
    graphics on a computer with integrated graphics? I want to add a better
    graphics card to a Dell Dimension E521 AMD Athlon with NVIDIA GeForce
    6150 LE Integrated Graphics. If I simply add another graphics card how
    will that interact with the integrated graphics already installed?
    sharonf, Mar 27, 2007
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  2. Not knowing your model and the extra slot (agp or pcie or none?) you may
    have to disable the onboard graphic in your bios setup, or change
    precedence. Some boards do allow dual graphics, some others switch off
    onboard automagically without intervention possible.
    Walter Mautner, Mar 27, 2007
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  3. generally I would check to see if the intergrated graphic card can be
    disabled in the bios setup, also enable the new card (apg).

    -Art- (not Art)

    -Art- (not Art)
    -Art- (not Art), Mar 27, 2007
  4. sharonf

    Jerry Attic Guest

    It seems to come with a separate video card loaded with 256 megs of RAM:


    If this is the machine you have, why do you feel the need to upgrade it? Of
    course, if you have the less expensive one with a single core processor, it
    might have a cheaper card, but all models appear to use a separate video


    The Geforce 7300 LE appears to be an inexpensive card and is a PCIE card.
    You can buy a better PCIE video card at the likes of Newegg.com or
    pricewatch.com. Unless you are planning to run higher end video games, I
    really don't see the need for it.

    Jerry Attic, Mar 27, 2007
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