Upgrade PIX515E to PIX 7.0(1) = Flash I/O Error

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by mark@solsman.com, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Guest


    I am trying to upgrade a Cisco PIX 515E from 6.3(4) to version 7.0(1).
    After installing version 7.0(1) binary I reboot the PIX. The system
    reboots and attempts to write the activation key to flash (which fails
    with an I/O error), and then it attempts up update the flash
    filesystem. The flash filesystem update never completes. The error
    message is "inconsistency in flash found on second pass", followed by
    "error formatting flash".

    I have attempted to upgrade several times now using the basic method
    and the monitor mode. For each iteration I am careful to erase the
    flash, downgrade to PIX 6.3(4), and reformat the flash again under
    6.3(4). While running the PIX under 6.3(4), I have never received a
    flash error.

    Trying to get 7.0(1) working, I have even attempted to use the "np634"
    utility, both on flash that was "formatted" using version 7.0(1) binary
    and was formatted on version 6.3(4). I realize that np63.bin will not
    work and will possibly corrupt the configuration on a 7.0(1) flash -
    but that was my intent. I am hoping that this error is a software
    format or software-state problem, thus my drastic attempts at
    upgrading, downgrading, and any attempt to otherwise modify the flash

    I can boot up and run 7.0(1), but any attempt to access the flash
    filesystem yields an I/O Error. Therefore I can't save my registration
    key nor my configuration.

    Has anyone had an issue with the flash format when upgrading to 7.0(1)?

    , Apr 28, 2005
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  2. Cisco Fan Guest

    I think I remember reading something that 7.0 requires upgraded flash
    memory ... and something else that 7.0 is not supported on 515 ... only
    525 and up ... you may have to wait for 7.1 ...

    Cisco Fan, Apr 28, 2005
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  3. Gerd EMail Guest

    No, flash is not the problem, but ram. you need 64MB.

    Here are the release notes:


    If you don't have 64MB ram, then use normal pc sdram. ;-)

    That works, but it is not supported.

    Kindly regards

    Gerd EMail, Apr 28, 2005
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