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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Mike Roberts, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Mike Roberts

    Mike Roberts Guest

    I recently purchaced a Linksys WUSB45gs network adapter. i am recieving
    a signal from a hotspot across the street, however my local area
    connection keeps going back and forth between connected, and "network
    cable unplugged".
    when connected it says that it is at 11.0 Mbps. a few questions:
    1. is this a decent speed for browsing the web at?
    2. why doe the connection keep stopping and starting?
    any help would be graetly appreciated.
    Mike Roberts, Dec 7, 2005
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  2. Mike Roberts

    Guest Guest

    A silly question.... when you work over wireless, is your LAN card connected
    to something?

    Guest, Dec 7, 2005
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  3. Mike Roberts

    Mike Roberts Guest

    LAN card? not quite sure what you mean by that. it is a usb network
    adapter, and it is connected via USB.
    Mike Roberts, Dec 7, 2005
  4. Mike Roberts

    DanR Guest

    "network cable unplugged" is an error message normally received when a WIRED
    network card is looking for a network connection and none is present. Does your
    computer have a wired NIC installed? If you're not sure look at the back of your
    computer for a CAT5 connection. (looks like normal phone plug but wider) If you
    do have one try disabling it from device manager and see if you still have
    problems with your wi-fi connection.
    DanR, Dec 8, 2005
  5. Mike Roberts

    Mike Roberts Guest

    yes i have both a pci nic and a usb. i have disabled the pci nic and am
    using the usb to try and recieve a signal from a hot spot across the
    street. i can connect but often the connection goes dead and then
    instantly re-connects. would i be better off getting a pci wireless nic
    with an external antenna or some other type of device such as an access
    point or a device that i could setup to be a repeater or bridge? what
    type of device is best at picking up a signal from far away? what i
    would like to eventually do is also set up a small home network so i
    would like to have a wireless router to put my lan behind for security,
    as i am connected to the hot spot which is unsecure.
    Mike Roberts, Dec 8, 2005
  6. Mike Roberts

    ato_zee Guest

    Signal strength/dropouts and security are two separate issues.
    A wired RJ45 LAN, however you implement it and try to secure
    it, will still be going over the open insecure link, thus all your
    logins and passwords will be visible in plain text.
    Banking may be a bit more secure because it is encrypted,
    but even encrypted data can be cracked, particularly if you
    use a poor password.
    At least the sniffer will soon know who you are and who you
    bank with.
    With insecure links use it for general surfing, P2P downloads,
    internet radio, etc. Stick with dialup for banking, on-line
    shopping and email.
    Then you won't suddenly find your email POP3 passwords
    have been changed to lock you out.
    ato_zee, Dec 8, 2005
  7. Mike Roberts

    DanR Guest

    About your off / on connections... It could be that you are on the fringe of the
    reception area due to the AP being across the street. When you are connected...
    can you see the Internet? If so you may want to pursue optimizing the signal by
    using a directional antenna. Your USB device may not allow for an external
    antenna. If you had a PCI wi-fi card you would be able to connect an external
    antenna via a fairly short cable. That would definitely give you a better
    signal. But... you could go through all this effort and expense and still have
    an intermittent signal.
    11Mb is plenty fast enough for Internet browsing.
    If you are connecting to an unsecured wireless network your Internet use will
    remain unsecured no matter what equipment you install in your home. The signal
    through the air from / to the AP is not encrypted.
    Also if you are using this wireless network without permission you could be
    discovered at any time and booted off. And like ato_zee said... all your traffic
    can be sniffed. Meaning someone with free software and a little bit of knowledge
    can see all your traffic.
    DanR, Dec 9, 2005
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