Unlimited UK Phone Calls Only 9.99 Per Month!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ChiN-WaG, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. ChiN-WaG

    ChiN-WaG Guest

    Unlimited UK Phone Calls Only 9.99 Per Month!!!

    * No Need To Change Your Phone Line
    * No Engineer Needs To Call
    * No Prefixed Numbers To Enter
    * No Dongle Boxes To Install
    * Service Open To Both Private And Business Users

    Just Use Your Existing Phone Line As Normal Daily

    ChiN-WaG Telecommunications UK

    Phone any UK based telephone line at anytime, day or night, and talk
    unlimited for as long as you wish, for only 9.99 a month...simple!!!

    * No Catches
    * No Hassels
    * No Worries

    * Easy Talk Unlimited FREE Day And Night Calls Only 9.99
    * Easy Talk FREE Evening And Weekend Calls Only 3.99
    * Save 85% Guaranteed On All Your Everyday Phone Calls

    Only From ChiN-WaG Telecommunications UK

    * Site Application: http://www.chin-wag.freeuk.com
    * Sign Up Hotline: 0800:5424692
    * Quote Ref No: UK-143001
    * More Information: 0800:0685322

    * If Your Looking For Cheaper Phone Costs Treat This Offer Seriously!!!
    ChiN-WaG, Oct 10, 2004
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