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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Lem, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Lem

    Lem Guest

    According to a Cable Guy article from last November
    when you choose a wireless network from the list of available networks,
    "when Wireless Auto Configuration successfully connects to the selected
    network for the first time, it is automatically added to the top of the
    list of preferred networks."

    Is there any way to prevent this behavior, by gpedit or something else?

    Here's the scenario:

    1. Unknowledgeable User's WinXP box is configured to connect to
    preferred wireless networks A & B.

    2. U.U. is at some other location, out of range of A & B, and wants to
    connect. On the "Choose a Wireless Network" dialog, U.U. sees an
    available network that is either unsecured or for which U.U. has been
    given the encryption key, and connects. The catch is that this network
    uses a manufacturer's default SSID, e.g., "Linksys." Wireless Auto
    Configuration places network "Linksys" at the top of the list of
    "Preferred Networks."

    3. U.U. returns to home or office, in range of A & B, but it turns out
    that there is an unknown and unsecured network, also within range, that
    uses the same default SSID (i.e., "Linksys"). U.U.'s WinXP box
    automatically connects to the unknown network with the default SSID.

    4. U.U. doesn't understand why the network status shows as connected,
    with a good signal strength, but the expected network resources are no
    where to be found. (Even if U.U. opens the wireless network Status
    dialog and sees the name of the connected network, U.U. probably doesn't
    know that it's not supposed to be called "Linksys"). U.U. calls
    Lem, Apr 28, 2006
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