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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by ~misfit~, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. ~misfit~

    Richard Guest

    Or that you could do that legally, but yung-li is a large manufacturer
    of power cables that do have all the right marks and documents so the
    chances are good that they would be legal. I still dont know if they
    would be a declarable item tho. Risks are too high IMO that you would be
    left with a whole lot of stuff that you cant move on legally and some
    pencilpusher from ESS with a vendetta against you making it impossible.
    Not really, many companies there build up racks etc to send out
    overseas, just like in china all the foreign cables etc are easily
    available, even legit ones with all the test results.
    Not if they will do airmail, and thats really fast from the USA unlike
    Richard, Jul 5, 2011
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