Unable to Read/Set Text Box in ASPX Web page using Javascript

Discussion in 'Software' started by rameshk75, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Oct 25, 2006
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    Am using the below code to popup a modal dialog box.
    I got the value back from the child window to the parent window.
    Now i want to assign the value to one of the text boxes on the parent window.

    Before that i was just checking the value in the text box and am getting an error message that document.form... is null or object not reference.

    Can someone help me out in reading and setting the value to/from the parent page's text box.

    I have tried with many combination of the javascript like:

    and few others....

    Here is the code

    Response.Write(" <script language=""javascript"">")
    Response.Write(" {")
    'Response.Write(" var strReturn; strReturn=window.showModalDialog('child.aspx',null,'status:no;dialogWidth:370px;dialogHeight:220px;dialogHide:true;help:no;scroll:no');if (strReturn != null) document.getElementById('txtTitle').value=strReturn;")
    Response.Write(" var strReturn; strReturn=window.showModalDialog('child.aspx',null,'status:no;dialogWidth:370px;dialogHeight:220px;dialogHide:true;help:no;scroll:no');")
    Response.Write(" alert(document.frmMaterialRequest.elements[txtTiltle].value); }")
    Response.Write(" </script>")

    Thanks in Advance.
    rameshk75, Oct 25, 2006
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