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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by heady, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    hi.... i was wondering if anyone can assist with this hdd access problem.

    Maxtor 120gb sata1 hdd (3.5 series)
    OS: winxp pro SP2

    One day a partition was detected with bad sectors - xp fixed after scan - and yes, i stupidly did not take the opportunity to backup the WHOLE disc!

    Several months later, unable to access disk at all. The main problem seems to be xp keeps on running chkdsk on the drive, which prevents me from trying anything else. I did, however, at one stage get EasyRecovery Pro to access the disc and i could see the files i need, but it took AGES for it to even detect the disc because chkdsk kept running in the bg. It seems the disc would be accessible IF chkdsk wasnt running, but i dont seem to be able to see how, or even IF SD can be turned off.

    The bios picks up the disc when its attached as well. I've tried connecting it internally, as well as through a sata HDD caddy, and even a USB connection. Same results - chkdsk keeps on scanning.

    I have client financial details on the disc which (DOH!) did not get included in my backup, so i'm trying to fix myself otherwise i'll have to destroy it. *sigh*.

    Can anyone assist? Thank you. :loo:

    FOOTNOTE: does anyone think if i simply left chkdsk to run on the dirve and went away for a many hours (already let it run for a couple of hours) this may repair or at least enable me to access the disk?

    Sorry, another update - i've managed to disable chkdsk (i think) to run on auto, but when i "plug in" the drive, xp slows down to a crawl and the OS drive is constantly "on - off - on - off" etc etc - unless chkdsk is only disabled on bootup - once i plug in the drive, it tries to scan the disk. Heres the cruncher - if i start easyrecovery pro BEFORE i plug the disc in, then hit "scan", because the system is so slow, it would take a month to display anything - so i unplug the disk after letting is scan for a bit, and VOILA - it CAN see the partitions on the drive - but because XP keeps on trying to access the "faulty" disc, i cant do anything. Any hints? thanks.
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    heady, Mar 29, 2008
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