UK SIP<>PSTN Gateway service [SIPCall]

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by James Body, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. James Body

    James Body Guest


    Just been looking at this:

    This is a VoIP to PSTN service in various forms which allows
    SIP-equipped users to make calls to the public networks and receive
    calls back again.

    The service comes in three forms, a 'Basic' service which offers
    outgoing calls to PSTN only, a 'Standard' service which offers two-way
    calling to/from PSTN and a 'Professional' service which offers porting
    of UK geographic numbers to VoIP.

    The 'Basic' offering presents a UK 07059 non-geographic number to the
    called party and calls made from PSTN back to this number end up in
    voicemail (neat!)

    The 'Standard' offering presents a UK 0870 non-geographic number.

    The guys behind this are Fordyce Associates - who have been running UK
    Intertex and Ingate sales for some time - they have been pushing the
    Intertex IX-66 (super little box of tricks) ( or
    ) for some time now. The addition of a SIP 'Calling' service appears
    to sit quite well with this product.

    I signed up some weeks ago and have been using the basic (07059)
    service. It rocks!

    James Body, Aug 27, 2003
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