[UK-Bug] News... Plus scoop "best ISP on the planet" award.

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Andy Jenkins, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Andy Jenkins

    Andy Jenkins Guest

    Deserved and indeed expected news comes today in the form that
    Plusnet have been awarded the title of "Best ISP on the Planet" by
    Internet Magazine.com

    Andy Jenkins, Nov 11, 2003
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  2. Andy Jenkins

    TX2 Guest


    That should ensure a few more customers can be added to Plusnet's UCE
    TX2, Nov 11, 2003
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  3. -snip-
    It should generate a huge wad of signups from excited new customers ;-)

    ·.??.·?¯`Dominion?¯`·.??.·, Nov 11, 2003
  4. Andy Jenkins

    Steven Burn Guest

    Wish I'd went with them now ;o)

    Is anyone aware of any way to get out of my 12 month contract with tiscali
    without it costing me? lol



    Steven Burn
    Ur I.T. Mate Group

    Keeping it FREE!

    I know I'm probably wrong, I just like taking part ;o)
    Steven Burn, Nov 11, 2003
  5. Andy Jenkins

    Andy Jenkins Guest

    I wish I could add something positive to this - instead all I can do
    is post a link to a thread about the issue on
    plusnet.service.customer-feedback. Read it @ http://snurl.com/2xf0

    (ps .. the link is a link to UK-Bug's (yes yes, another self promotion
    scandal) Web | News Portal synchonisation thingymajig).
    Andy Jenkins, Nov 11, 2003
  6. Andy Jenkins

    TX2 Guest

    hmmm .... my posts were made to an 'exclusive' internal newsgroup, not
    the public domain. Not happy about it being reproduced in such a manner,
    not happy at all.
    TX2, Nov 12, 2003
  7. Andy Jenkins

    TX2 Guest

    Seems not the case having read some more.
    I better mind my P & Q's then!
    TX2, Nov 12, 2003
  8. Andy Jenkins

    Andy Jenkins Guest

    Hi TX2.

    As you have since discovered, it seems that UK-Bug are (probably
    possibly - but open to links to show otherwise) one of the first
    websites to merge the boundaries of usenet and web based forums -
    where the source data is not publically and generically available to
    anyone who wants it. Specially I'm talking about internal ISP usenet
    posts. (thinking about it - doesnt dslreport mirror a few US based

    Now - be it a good thing, or bad, the fact is that a couple of ISPs
    have said they have no objection to UK-Bug.net "mirroring" the
    internal newsgroups. We've not pushed for publication rights -
    despite this being technically viable - due to the fact we're at least
    trying to be *partly* responsible here. Permitting posting rights at
    this early stage is only asking for trouble. But it is available to a
    *very* select few (whom we know and trust). Posting rights are
    available for uk.telelcom.broadband though - not that its warranted
    much with Google Groups etc.

    Does anyone thing that ISP usenet groups are a "hiding" place for
    those ISP subscribers only ? I'm interested to see on what level
    subscribers *prefer* it that an ISPs groups are kept private from
    other subscribers. Forget the "it could damage ISP reputation"
    aspect, as I dont think thats a valid argument.

    Since the setup of the WNP - I've had only Plusnet customers take
    issue with the service. And both of them have changed their mind
    about the service once Plusnet have commented on their acceptance of
    the service.

    Granted - this service could be pulled given bad user feeedback (with
    an "unless you stop UK-Bug from mirroring my posts we're leaving your
    ISP" petition) - but I honestly think that would be a shame.

    Still ... I dont suppose anyone will mind greatly if your P&Qs are
    offish for a while ;o)
    Andy Jenkins, Nov 12, 2003
  9. -snip-
    It's okay I was being my usual sarcastic self ;-)
    Interesting link. You mean to tell me the No1 ISP in the country
    "Allegedly" doesn't give it's customers via it's customer focused service a
    mail list opt out option. You do surprise me ;-))

    ·.¸¸.·´¯`Dominion´¯`·.¸¸.·, Nov 12, 2003
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