[UK-Bug] News .. NTL, AOL, Bulldog, BT .. baaah, and lots more !

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Andy Jenkins, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Andy Jenkins

    Andy Jenkins Guest

    Evening ..

    HUGE update this evening .. sorry for those with a adversion for
    text!! Anyone know where to buy new stickers for the keyboard keys ?

    Anyway, here they are .. courtesy of your favorite bug :eek:)

    Surf before you fly
    British Airways has struck a deal to install 80 wireless access points
    in main customer lounges around the globe.

    BIG unimpressed with Ofcom findings.
    BIG have detailed how unimpressed they are with the latest Ofcom's
    Broadband market review.

    NTL 1GB cap letters sent out
    Hundred of NTL Broadband customers have today received warning letters
    regarding exceeding the ISPs 1GB daily cap.

    AOL call for more wholesale competition at major ISP meeting.
    The Register today reports that at a recent gathering of ISP
    representatives, AOL have again citing their determination of calling
    for inreased competition in the broadband wholesale market.

    20Mbps DSL at the end of 2004
    Bulldog Communications have again reiterated their intention to supply
    a 20Mbps DSL product - and they've even said when !

    BT Wins NHS Broadband contract
    BT have been awarded a 7 year £530 million contract to provide and
    manage a broadband network that will link all NHS organisations in

    Broadband usage increases again!!
    Broadband usage has continued to rise during December. According to
    figures just released by the Office of National Statistics there were
    6.5% more internet users than the previous year and 0.8% more than in
    Andy Jenkins, Feb 19, 2004
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