[UK-Bug] News ... BTYahoo's spambuster is umm, bust & a couple ofother odds and ends

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Andy M Jenkins, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. BTYahoo spam influx
    Just a short note to advise BTYahoo subscribers that there is currently
    a problem with BTYahoo's Anti-Spam mechanism. BTYahoo are aware, and
    currently investigating. We've had a few requests if we know aobut this
    problem - so thought it best to let readers via a News Flash.

    Bulldog reduces Primetime 500 pricing
    Bulldog have announced they are reducing the price of their Primetime
    500 product to £15.99 per month until the end of April, and are
    including a free modem.

    Attn : Client based ServerStatus beta testers
    Over the last day or two, we've seen reports of a problem whereby
    members who are involved in the ISP ServerStatus program are failing to
    access the forum as a whole.

    Service restored to Manchester
    Following last weeks fire in central Manchester, which left in excess of
    130,000 BT subscribers without voice and data services (including
    broadband), BT have advised that all services to all subscribers should
    now be restored.

    Watch out BT....
    The LLU operator Bulldog have announced that they are now offering extra
    SDSL services. Aimed mainly at business users they will be available to
    350,000 of them across the country, but mainly in London and the larger
    Andy M Jenkins, Apr 7, 2004
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