UFraw - *.NEF file conversion

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Frederick, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Frederick

    Frederick Guest

    I had posted previously about how hopelessly slow the "Picture Project"
    software bundled with the D70 is - and how I haven't tried my Nikon
    Capture trial until I get a printer - so I can see what I am doing
    before deciding if it's worth the $ (to me).

    My first attempt using a DCraw plugin for the Gimp in Linux and Windows
    was was hopeless.

    However, there is a Windows port of a program called "UFraw" available
    for download from http://ufraw.sourceforge.net/index.html . It appears
    to work _far_ better than Picture Project for altering colour balance
    (has Nikon preset settings as well as deg K slider), and the ability to
    take a variable sized "spot" reading from the image to set white balance
    from automatically. Exposure, colour management and curve correction is
    much better, and correction profiles can be saved. Output is Tiff (8 or
    16 bit) or jpeg. By default, it appears that UFraw is set up to handle
    Nikon raw images, but curves for other cameras can be added.

    It won't do automated conversions. It will also not preserve exif data
    on output files. I cannot see any option to scale or zoom in on the
    image in the interface - which is about 20% scale for a 6mp image. I
    can make no comparison as to how well it handles colour/exposure
    correction compared to Nikon Capture - 'cause I haven't tried it.

    You can open a "collection" of *.nef files in Picture Project, and add
    DCraw to the "Edit Using other Programs" menu or context menu, then use
    UFraw to adjust colour balance, and save as tiff.

    I am a little hazy on the details of installation. The above download
    site says that you need to have Gimp installed - but I'm not sure if in
    fact you need just GTK - as UFraw works as a stand alone application -
    not just as a Gimp plugin.
    Frederick, Apr 17, 2005
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  2. Frederick

    Ed Ruf Guest

    Just for it's bonehead interface PP lasted less than 5 min on any of my
    machines. NikonView is free off the tech support site and was the
    previously shipped app. Not any faster, nor is NC for that matter.

    Try the free unlimited demo version of Pixmantec's RawShooter Essentials.
    You will have to give a valid email, to have the dl link mailed to you.
    Ed Ruf, Apr 17, 2005
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