UBB forum doesn't work completely after profile restore

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Guest, May 5, 2005.

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    My system is well-protected and backed up, so I still use Firefox 1.0.

    Every few months, either due to a crash or for reasons I can't figure
    out, Firefox starts up and refuses to load my profile. Usually I can
    generate a new one, and copy the old folder into the new, and everything
    works fine. Sometimes my profile folder gets erased, but I back up once
    a week, so it's pretty quick to grab the latest CD and restore a working

    This happened last week. Firefox jettisoned my profile after it crashed
    on a java-heavy page. I restored it, reinstalled my extensions (the
    biggest nuisance about restoring) and everything works as before, with
    one exception.

    I frequent a discussion board that is set up with UBBcode. It worked
    great until the last crash. Now the preview function doesn't work.
    Formerly, when I clicked "preview", the text of my post-in-progress
    appeared as a popup window, showing how the post would look once it
    appeared on the site. Now, when I click "preview", a new tab is
    spawned, and it stays blank. I get no preview at all.

    I've tried specifically allowing popups from that site, making sure no
    ad protection was running, and so on. Nothing has helped. The site at
    which the problem manifests (and oddly, it's the only forum site that
    malfunctions for me) is animationnation.com.

    Any ideas?
    Guest, May 5, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Okay, I found a fix online finally. It works. In case anyone else
    bumps into the same problem:
    should be opened in a new window. To change this behavior so it doesn't
    divert new windows that are spawned by JavaScript, add the following
    code to your user.js file:

    /* Force New Windows Restrictions
    0: Default - Divert *all* new windows to current tab/window or new tab
    1: Don't divert *any* windows spawned by JS
    2: Don't divert JS windows that include size/placement/toolbar info */
    user_pref("browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction", 2);
    Guest, May 8, 2005
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