Two Wireless Routers In House

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rutledj, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. rutledj


    Jul 11, 2015
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    I have TWC modem\wireless router. I have a lan connection from that router to a downstairs wall connector. I'd like to connect another router (cisco m10) to this lan connection so I can get a better signal downstairs.

    I tried doing this and then all my devices couldn't connect to the 1st modem. One computer had a warning saying there was an ip conflict.

    What do I need to change on the 2 router to avoid this? I changed it's internal ip address.

    rutledj, Jul 11, 2015
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  2. rutledj


    Sep 13, 2017
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    I know you posted your question two years ago but I just joined this forum....

    You need to set the second router to bridge mode. I don't remember the precise solution because it was several years ago on an old Linksys wireless router (with built-in switch of course). The configuration will be different for each product. I would look in the configuration menus to see how to put your second wireless router in bridge mode.

    You should have only one router in DHCP/NAT mode. All others should be in bridge mode.
    rhimbo, Sep 21, 2017
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