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    I could really use some Help! So Much thanks to anyone who reads and contributes!!!

    I'm a real novice when it comes to networks even though I've been building my own computers for 20+ years, building websites, SEO SEM etc... But networks just KILL ME!

    I know enough to get by all these years with good equipment etc... Now that Im living in bigger homes, running home based businesses I need some proper home network tips.

    Here's my setup

    • bright house (time warner) cable modem (newer model) gigabit capable with 30+ Mbps (likely will upgrade this though)
    • Asus RT-AC66R (primary router)
    • Netgear WNDR3400 N600 (old router but works like new)
    • No Ethernet cabling in my two story 3000sqft home :(
    • Sprint Airrave (cell service w/sprint sux)
    • Main work office downstairs near family room with Main router setup
    • ZyXEL PLA420 - 500 Mbps wall plugs (works pretty good considering)
    • All AC66R Lan ports occupied with devices and one Lan to the ZyXEL plug

    At any given time I might have between 7-15 devices connected, apple tv, Roku, phones etc...

    Most of the devices are on second floor including a second "office" for fun with gaming PC laptops etc. Been replying on wireless and signal is weak, doesn't cover whole house well.

    SO Just today used the ZyXEL wall plugs to run both routers LAN to LAN configured almost identical.

    Asus AC66 set DHCP N600 set DHCP disabled.

    Both routers set 2.4g and 5g running opposing channels, WPA2 with Identical SSID's
    Wireless repeating turned off on the N600

    View attachment 22

    Now I could not get it to work as 1 SSID still, UNTIL I Manually assigned the IP on the DHCP list with the N600 Mac address... Rebooted and voilĂ ! All a sudden Im getting my Asus 2.4 and 5g ssid's super strength upstairs!

    View attachment 23

    Okay, so this is where I am now and its certainly not over yet, bare with me im a total Noob at this stuff...

    First, I don't know if I even have these configured correctly so as not to cause problems with intermittent connection, IP conflicts, limiting bandwidth, who knows... Just don't have a clue if this is correctly configured or not.

    I also do not know if all wifi's are running off of the N600, another words throughout the entire house? Does the client device select the strongest signal between the two set of antennas? how is this determined?

    Clearly the N600 isn't as reliable as the AC66R or powerful, am I limiting my home wireless network to the weakest device this way from the N600? and If the N600 goes down will the AC66 be providing a seamless, signal making the network more reliable as a whole?

    Now that I've completely confused myself with this somewhat "successful" setup... I'm wondering if there is a better alternative like a Bridged or Repeater mode (WPS), and not even bothering with the outlet ZyXEL cables?

    I know its a touch harder to configure but my concern was that from reading the manuals I would only have access to either 2.4g or 5g not both at the same time... It also mentions that I would only be able to use no more than half bandwidth for the repeater, which would suck since we have like 5 media streaming devices on the top floor...

    In a nut shell I'm just looking for the best way to provide the highest reliable wireless bandwidth to the many devices throughout my house. If its done in wireless repeater mode, Bridge, LAN port connection whatever... Its about a 50/50 split of devices top story and bottom... I know the AC66R can handle them all, but it gets dicey on the top floor further from the Asus, and no way to centralize the Asus anymore.

    Oh and what happens when more of my clients start utilizing the AC tech, will I be able to connect utilizing AC with the N router still "bridged" "repeated" whatever the heck it is...

    Thing is no matter how much time I waste reading about the different ways of setup/configuration the more it just sounds like Chinese to me... :confused:

    So I beg of you networking guru's out there, please save a desperate fool countless days of trail and error, researching, hair tearing out, face palming.... and just tell me the best way to configure a simple network like this? :)

    P.P.S - Can post pics if it helps, since I suck at explaining setup :p

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    Ace5high, Nov 19, 2013
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