Two machines on wireless, one disconnects randomly, other doesn't

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by eyal.susser, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. eyal.susser

    eyal.susser Guest


    I have two machines - a PC and a laptop, both running XP. The PC has
    an older DLink b network card, and is connected to a DI-524 wireless
    router. It works rather well.

    My laptop, which I bought used a few days ago, is another story. It
    disconnects every once in while. It has a DLink g card, which is brand

    When the disconnection occurrs, Windows shows my connection as active,
    but I can't even ping my router.

    Sometimes, after a while, things sort themselves out. Sometimes, I
    have to repair the connection for the laptop to connect again. During
    this whole disconnection cycle, my PC remains online.

    I have seen several similar issues on the web, but none seem to fit
    this description. Any thoughts?

    eyal.susser, Jul 16, 2006
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  2. eyal.susser

    eyal.susser Guest

    More info:

    -Driver is latest version.
    -Router firmware is latest version.
    -Boh machines on static IP (haven't tried to recreate with DHCP yet).
    -Disabled Windows Zero Configuration, working with Dlink utility to
    -Utility shows 100% Signal on both counters.

    And, most importantly:

    This seems to happen only if I have MSN Messenger signed in.

    Any thoughts?
    eyal.susser, Jul 17, 2006
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