TVL Demands License for Laptop and WiFi

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by CJB, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. CJB

    Alex Heney Guest

    Only by you.

    The discussion being held by everyone else was about the legal
    requirements, not about whether those requirements are enforceable.

    In spite of the fact that you make yourself look much more stupid than
    those you think you are "toying" with?

    What an odd way to enjoy yourself.
    Alex Heney, Sep 23, 2006
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  2. CJB

    Cynic Guest

    But there are no policemen or cameras about, so that cannot happen.
    Cynic, Sep 24, 2006
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  3. CJB

    BillL Guest

    Okay, I'm going to jump in here and, perhaps, complicate matters! ;o)

    I've just moved to a shared house (I'm the only tenant at the moment) and
    because I like being *legal* (irrespective of whether I get caught or not) I
    ordered a TV license online.

    Now I have TW's TV service in my room (for which the license applies) but
    I'm also using a TV (terrestrial) in the lounge. Now what happens when
    other tenants move in (with their own TV's) and start using them are they
    breaking the law? Alternatively what happens if one of the new tenants
    comes in with a kick-arse DVD, LCD system and it's be better to set that up
    in the lounge? Does the TV license I've got cover the communal areas of the

    BillL, Sep 25, 2006
  4. CJB

    Mark Goodge Guest

    It depends entirely on the wording of the tenancy agreement.

    If the tenancy is a shared agreement, and the tenants rent the whole
    building as a group from the landlord, then it is a single residence
    as far as TV licencing is concerned and one licence will cover the
    whole of the building. If that happens to be in your name, then you
    might want to persuade the other tenants to cough up for their share
    of the cost.

    If, on the other hand, all of the tenants have individual agreements
    with the landlord, then each tenancy is a separate residence (even if
    there are some shared areas) and hence each needs a TV licence for any
    areas of sole occupancy (such as the tenant's own room). The shared
    areas can be covered by the individual licence of any of the tenants
    (or, in some cases, by the landlord), so you don't need a separate one
    for the house as a whole (ie, you never need more licences than there
    are tenancies), but any tenant who has a TV in their own room needs a

    But, to complicate matters further, unless the building is known by
    TVL to be a multi-tenancy location then they will never pursue the
    other tenants for a licence as there will be nothing on their database
    to flag it as needing attention. So, even though the other tenants may
    be legally required to get a licence, they have virtually no chance of
    being caught if they do not. In fact, the most likely event which will
    alert TVL to the fact that it is a multi-tenancy building is if one of
    the other tenants, off their own bat, decides to get a licence and
    thus ends up registering the address twice on the TVL database. That
    will make it obvious that it is multi-tenancy and put the other
    tenants at risk of getting the letters and calls. So, if you all want
    to keep it as cheap as possible, then make sure you agree with all the
    others that you will just have one licence for the building no matter
    what the precise legal situation. If, in the extremely remote
    possibility that TVL does catch on and pursue you individually, the
    worst that can happen is that you end up having to get multiple
    licences after that point - so long as you claim, with sufficient
    plausibility, not to have realised you needed separate licences, then
    they won't attempt to force you to backdate it.

    Mark Goodge, Sep 25, 2006
  5. CJB

    BillL Guest

    Thanks for the reply Mark that clears things up. I will wait for the other
    tenants to turn up to see what happens. They'd better get here soon - I'm
    getting use to having the house to my self! ;-)

    BillL, Sep 26, 2006
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