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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Fred, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I have a Samsung smart TV which came with a standard remote and also a
    universal smart remote. I have been trying to program the universal
    remote to operate an igloo set top box. The maker of the igloo box is
    Pace. Although Pace is listed among the various brands, the model sold
    in NZ is not listed. None of the fifty options for unspecified Pace
    models communicate with the set box top.
    Igloo don't know the answer and think it might be for Samsung to sort it
    out. Samsung don't want to know and say it's igloo's problem to solve.
    Has anyone found a way to sort this out? Seems to me there must be
    hundreds of igloo SBTs around and same with Samsung TVs, yet they both
    seem unaware of this.
    Fred, Mar 3, 2013
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  2. Only brain dead people would by a Stupid Igloo box, you got that you
    deserve utter Crap..

    Igloo has been voted as a stupid product may be you should do some
    reading next time before you jump in.
    Frank Williams, Mar 3, 2013
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  3. Fred

    Gordon Guest

    Frank, Roger, seems to on the road to firing more bullets through the bulls
    eye per month.

    You have purchased both, at a time when the cutting edge is beneath you.
    Nevertheless hang in there, things will get better, even if you wallet

    Roger, could you add some detail to your postings that x is crap, as it does
    help people.
    Gordon, Mar 3, 2013
  4. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I didn't buy it for the product which I'm sure will work. I bought it
    for the channel access it provides. It's nowhere near as silly as Sky.
    Fred, Mar 3, 2013

  5. I posted the link some time back lists 10 reasons not to get Igloo, and
    its been on the Radio, Media report, the cost of TV shows are 2 times
    that price than Sky, Plus no PVR option, and you need a Cap less ISP..

    You have to be pretty dumb to realize that Igloo is utter Crap.
    Frank Williams, Mar 3, 2013
  6. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Well it's by far the best deal I'm aware of and no contract suits me; -
    now if you had something constructive to say which answers my original
    question - I'd be all ears.
    Fred, Mar 3, 2013
  7. Fred

    Enkidu Guest

    ?? It provides the free to air channels for free but to access anything
    else you need to pay $25.00 per month for 11 channels, one or two of
    which might be of interest. To watch sport channels you might have to
    pay $18.00 for *one game*. To watch a movie it it might cost you a
    similar amount. I doesn't seem cheap to me.


    Enkidu, Mar 3, 2013
  8. Fred

    Me Guest

    Is the Pace box connected to the TV by HDMI cable?
    If the Samsung "smart" remote instructions refer to Samsung's trade name
    "Anynet+", then it communicates with the set top box through the HDMI
    cable "CEC" protocol, and will not work if connected through the
    component video cables etc.
    If using an HDMI cable, then it's possible (even if not particularly
    likely) that some (cheap) HDMI cables may not support "CEC" - so try
    another cable.
    Me, Mar 3, 2013
  9. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Set is connected with HDMI cable and I have tried changing to different
    brand cable, and also tried composite connection. Anynet works only with
    Samsung products. Setup procedure uses manufacturer's name if not using
    Samsung devices such as blue-ray player or set top box.
    Fred, Mar 3, 2013
  10. Fred

    Me Guest

    Have you been able to get it to work with the TV connected to any other
    device (bluray player etc)?
    Plugging in my Philips bluray player to Sony TV, it (CEC) "just worked".
    Buried in the bluray player settings menu is what Philips call
    "easylink" - which was enabled by default. There may be something in
    the Pace set to box which enables/disables "CEC" but using their
    proprietary name for the function.
    It should all be so easy - but usually isn't.
    If no luck here, then perhaps someone in "geekzone" forums can offer
    some help:
    Me, Mar 3, 2013
  11. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Unfortunately all other devices I currently own are in the ancient
    catergory, and will update only when I sort out what is compatible with
    this remote. I reckon a software change from igloo is probably the
    answer - not sure that they think that but there's nothing I can change.
    Fred, Mar 3, 2013

  12. What I have seen mentioned that the Movies cost 2 times more than Sky
    and must be watched in the next 40 hours..
    Frank Williams, Mar 3, 2013
  13. Fred

    Fred Guest

    For someone like me who hardly bothers watching TV it's a lot better
    paying $25 every now and then if I want to, than paying monthly when
    most months I wouldn't watch TV other than the news. Also I can access
    sports occasionally without having to buy a basic pack as required with
    Sky. I certainly would never buy a movie. Also it avoids those horrible
    sattelite dishes with their inferior reception. So horses for courses -
    I find it hard to believe so many people pay around $1000 per year for
    Sky. Igloo should give me all I need for maybe $100 - 300.
    Fred, Mar 4, 2013

  14. Have you forgot Freeview is FREE and comes in HD Igloo does not..
    Frank Williams, Mar 4, 2013
  15. Fred

    Fred Guest

    No I have not forgot; nor have I forgotten. But without igloo I can't
    buy the odd sports event, nor can I buy the odd 30 day pack if I feel
    like spending a litle time watching TV. I still have all standard
    freeview channels with the option of through the new stb or through the
    built in TV freeview. Even if it sits there and I watch maybe one
    sports event a year. Cost was $180 and included two thirty day packs. I
    might buy another thirty day pack occasionally. For me it represents
    good value, given my only other option is to only have standard
    freeview. Sky is out of the question and I'm unaware of anything else.
    Fred, Mar 4, 2013
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