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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jim Saunders, May 17, 2004.

  1. Jim Saunders

    Jim Saunders Guest

    Hello All,

    I am sure some of you will agree that, to the average "Joe Bloggs" idiot
    home user, the Cisco.com website can be somewhat of a needle in haystack
    type affair when trying to find !simple! Cisco configs.

    Myself being one of those idiot home users, I decided to put my simple
    findings on the website http://www.jlsnet.co.uk/, in the aim is to help the
    'less corporate' users of Cisco equipment with simple config tutorials. I am
    posting this news message to see if anyone has any constructive comments on
    the site and to ask whether there is anyone who is willing to write any
    additional Cisco tutorials.

    The sort of areas the tutorials are aimed at general home network type of
    solutions including DHCP, Playstation 2 Networking, Cable Modem Configs

    One tutorial which I would like to add, is a config for users of dialup
    modems connected to a Cisco router to dial an ISP for internet connection,
    does anyone have a simple solution for a 2611 (or similar) router which will
    route home network traffic through a dialup connection with an externally
    connected modem?

    For a list of tutorials see
    http://www.jlsnet.co.uk/index.php?tab=2&page=cc_index. Any comments will be
    welcome, or requests for further information.

    Thank you,

    Jim Saunders, May 17, 2004
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  2. Am also thinking of creating a Blog Site that has Basic Cisco Configs
    because I too ran into the same problem finding basic configs on Ciscos Site
    Oscar Bagasha, May 17, 2004
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