Turn-Key Class 5 VoIP Softswitch Solution

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by www.DORETEL.com, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. DORETEL Communications Class 5 Softswitch enables you to provide
    value-added services to become an ITSP like "Vonage" in as little
    as 10 days! DORETEL Communications Class-5 Softswitch is an
    intelligent, scalable user friendly solution that allows service
    providers to unify all voice services in one network.

    Providing flexible, programmable dialing plans and complete admin/user
    web portal, this module also includes enhanced supplementary consumer
    and enterprise class-4 and class-5 services, such as Voicemail,
    Call-Waiting, Music on hold and unified messaging. With real-time call
    status and monitoring of incoming calls, DORETEL Communications Server
    has a complete AAA-Billing solution for SIP and H323 clients.

    Key Features for Class-5 Switch:

    1. Enhanced Admin/User Web-Portal
    2. Call Waiting
    3. Call Forwarding (Conditional, On-Busy, No-Answer)
    4. Call Forwarding (Unconditional)
    5. 3-Way Call Conference
    6. Music on Hold
    7. Follow-me
    8. Voice Mail System
    9. Unified Messaging
    10. Optional E-911 Support
    11. DID-IP
    12. Callback
    13. PC to Phone
    14. IP-IP
    15. User Web Interface
    16. Reseller Web Interface
    17. Online Purchasing / Payment Gateway

    DORETEL Communications provides reliable, affordable, intelligent, and
    secure VoIP based billing software and hardware systems that give a
    service provider the scalability and flexibility to distinct itself and
    succeed in the booming VoIP market.

    The popularity of DORETEL Communications Class 5 features can lead to
    excellent revenue potential. DORETEL Communications modular and
    scalable architecture enables you to launch VoIP services with low
    initial investment and upgrade your system as you grow. With this in
    mind we have a Bundled Solution that includes everything you need to
    get started! See below for more details:

    This solution Set Up for 8E1 or 8T1 for $63,180 Total. This price
    includes Software, Server, Installation, Training & Support for 3
    Months. The Server that is included us scalable to 1000 Concurrent
    Calls. Once you make the decision to go with our Class 5 Softswitch we
    can have you up and running in as little as 10 days!

    Visit us online today... www.DORETEL.com

    Shane Breen
    DORETEL Communications, Inc.
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    CISCO Partner
    P: 404.755.5721
    F: 404.529.4617

    AIM: ShaneBreen2003

    Your Total VoIP Solutions Provider... Call Today 404.755.5721
    www.DORETEL.com, Jan 8, 2007
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