Trying to resize partition using Partition Magic 8.0

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Mike, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with this one. I have an
    80gb hard drive partitioned into 6 partitions. I have Windows XP on my C
    drive and was running low on drive space (I kept getting the message pop-up
    on my taskbar whenever I started my computer or logged in, only had 150mb
    free), so was going to use Partition Magic 8.0 to merge my C an D drive
    (used mostly for Apps and things) in order to free up more space.
    After loading Partition Magic and looking at all my options, I decided to
    try the resize a partition option instead so that I could keep the 2
    partitions seperate still. When I started up the "Resize a Partition" wizard
    it seemed liked everything was pretty straight forward and that I took all
    the necessary steps to successfully resize the partitions (turned off all
    running apps and system restore option), but after restarting my system like
    I was instructed to, they both showed up as there original sizes (C=6gb and
    D=8gb). I even freed up some more space on my C drive like it told me to in
    order to run properly.
    Is there something I may be forgetting to do or missing? I have tried it 4
    or 5 times, trying the task wizard and manually by using the Resize/Move
    partition option below that. It reboots and says it has completed
    successfully, but when I log in it shows up with the original sizes.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mike, Jan 28, 2004
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  2. Mike

    °Mike° Guest

    Did you press 'Apply'? Nothing happens until you press Apply.

    You might also get more help by stating the *exact* steps you
    °Mike°, Jan 28, 2004
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  3. Mike

    tterry Guest

    This may seem silly, but I have done this myself so I have to ask...when
    you reboot, there is an initial PM blue splash screen that warns that it
    will complete the task you asked it to perform before you rebooted and
    to cancel-hit a key. You didn't hit a key accidentally thinking you
    were supposed to like a fresh install of Windows? Like I said, if you
    don't pay close attention to what it says, the knee jerk reaction is to
    acutally hit a key-which cancels out the whole process-you have to leave
    it alone to finish, If that's not it, are you paying close attention to
    the progress bar that occurs after you let it reboot and it goes through
    it's resizing process?
    tterry, Jan 29, 2004
  4. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I pressed Apply each time. Here are the exact steps I took in each instance:
    I first closed all running applications in the task manager (AVG, ZoneAlarm,
    I then turned off the System Restore option for all drives in the System
    I started PartitonMagic 8.0 and first tried to resize my C & D partition
    using the 'Resize a partition' option listed under 'Pick A Task'. All
    partitions are FAT32. My C partition is 6.30 GB with 525 mb free, while my D
    partition is 8.09 GB with 7.31 GB free. I have an E, F, G, partition each
    8.09 B in size with free space on all of them and then an H partition that
    is 36 GB with 7.3 GB free.
    I walk through the wizard and it has me select a partition to be resized. I
    click on C & hit next and it has me enter the new size. I enter 10,252.9 mb
    as it tells me I can go a max size of 24991.7 mb. I hit next and it asks
    which partition I want to take space from. I hit D since I hardly use it and
    it has 7318.7 mb free and follows directly after my C partition. I hit next
    and it asks me to confirm partition size and shows a before and after
    diagram. It says hit Finish to confirm partition size and I do. It goes back
    to the main screen and shows 2 operations pending and what it will look like
    when I apply them.
    *NOTE* My new sized C partition shows two arrows pointing at spots on the
    partition. One is a 2 GB boot boundary and the other is the 1024 cylinder
    boundary, which originally showed up on my D partition. When I used the
    'Resize/Move partition' option listed under Partition Operations to try and
    resize them, I free up some space before the D partition and when I increase
    the space on the C partition past the 1024 boundary, I get a "This partition
    crosses the 1024 cylinder boundary and may not be bootable." So I move it
    back before it and then resize the D partition to go back before this point.
    I click 'Apply' and it says "4 operations are currently pending." "Apply
    changes now" I click Yes and it gives me a warning message telling me that
    it requires me to reboot in order to complete. I press OK and it reboots.
    After the black Windows XP Home screen loads, a blue screen loads saying
    that it is applying the changes so not to press any keys unless you want to
    abort them. It says something like PowerQuest or PartitionMagic xmnt2000.exe
    above where it shows the progress and says it has applied the changes. It
    happens too quick to really read what is going on and then it comes up with
    my user screen where I choose which user I want to log in as. I select
    myself and go into my computer and voila, everything is the back to the way
    it was originally - C partition is back to 6.03 GB with 525 mb free and D is
    8.09 GB with 7.31 GB free.
    Sorry I made this so long but I am hoping by giving *all* the steps I took
    it will better shed some light on something I may be missing or doing wrong.
    Thanks for being patient,
    Mike, Jan 29, 2004
  5. Mike

    °Mike° Guest

    The batch is not executing at all. I suggest that you read the
    help file, and view the Flash tutorial, then try again.
    °Mike°, Jan 29, 2004
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