Try new DAM features in ACDSee Pro 2's latest beta

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jason Kiwaluk, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. New Features in Second ACDSee Pro Photo Manager Beta Release

    Enhanced Digital Asset Management
    Take your asset management workflow to the next level

    Portable RAW image metadata - read, write and create sidecar files
    that keep your images and data connected across systems and software
    Open keyword options - use words as short as one letter or multiple-
    word phrases (including spaces) as keywords.
    Instant Viewing
    View your photos faster than ever

    Instant Previews - see previews of your images as you mouse over
    Instant Opens -whether you're opening a JPEG from an e-mail attachment
    or in Windows Explorer, the new ACDSee Quick View is the fastest way
    to see your photos
    Advanced Image Editing
    Get precise creative control over your pixels

    Selective editing - use the new freehand lasso, marquee or magic wand
    tools to apply adjustments to defined areas of your photos. It's an
    excellent way to introduce additional depth and focus to your images
    in post production.
    Intensity control - fine-tune the blend rate and opacity of
    adjustments to achieve more subtle results.

    Additional Batch Operations

    Sepia and saturation - quickly create sepia or grayscale versions of
    multiple images at once.

    Tester Favorites from
    Beta 1

    During Beta 1 testing, you let us know the standout features were the
    improved RAW processing, extended batch processing and our patent-
    pending local contrast enhancement feature (now called by its original
    name: Shadow/Highlights).

    RAW Processing

    "Love the improved speed of the RAW viewer and much quicker preview
    - WildlifePhoto

    Batch Processing

    "The Channel Mixer, and the fact that it's available for batch
    processing, will save a ton of time creating Black and White proofs
    for showing a client after a portrait or wedding session. This item
    alone is worth far more than the price of the software in time
    savings, even over other batch conversion processes I've tried in the
    - Norman J. Wilson

    LCE (now called Shadow/Highlights)

    "I have to agree with the others, the LCE Enhancer really rocks! I
    have used it a TON already to tweak the lighting in the photos I have
    taken over the past couple months."
    - Paladin27
    Jason Kiwaluk, Jul 3, 2007
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  2. Jason Kiwaluk

    BaumBadier Guest

    Yep, it smelled like SPAM and it was.

    Mark me down as a past user of ACDSee who won't go near it now, nor recommend it
    to anyone else again. Just because the company saw fit to spam this newsgroup.
    They must be getting desperate.

    No matter, I found better and more inexpensive software than ACDSee in the last
    half year anyway.
    BaumBadier, Jul 4, 2007
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  3. smells like SPAM how so ?.
    Jason Kiwaluk, Jul 4, 2007
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