TrueVector errors in the Event Log: FYI

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Nottoman, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Nottoman

    Nottoman Guest

    Have seen numerous TrueVector errors causing freezing, etc. This is part of
    ZoneAlarm and here's the canned response I got when I tried the live chat

    Zone Labs: Windows notifies all applications, including ZA Plus/Pro UI and
    TrueVector Service, to shut down. Normally this causes no problem.
    However, in order to provide the very highest security, ZoneAlarm processes
    are among the very last to shut down (especially with version 4), and in
    some cases do not receive the shutdown notification, or receive it but are
    unable to complete the shutdown process (causing TrueVector or ZA crashes,
    extra TMP files, or corrupt database errors in the Event Logs).

    If you experience this on your system, the only workarounds are:
    - right-click the ZA icon and select shutdown, wait 1 minute, then shut down
    (NOT recommended if you have an "Always On" connection) - not use the fast
    shutdown setting

    If you choose to continue using the fast shutdown setting and are losing
    changes to your settings, another option is to right-click the ZA icon and
    select Shutdown, at least a minute before shutting down your system. This
    will help ensure that any changes are properly written and saved to the
    database files before you shut down the system.
    NOTE - In some cases it can be also be caused by the PC Sleep Button
    implementation by the hardware manufacturer.
    Nottoman, Jun 16, 2004
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