TravelMate 2300 Series notebook

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Peter, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    AS I am new to computers I was wondering if anybody could tell me If an Acer
    TravelMate 2300 Series notebook is ok and what would be a good equivalent?
    Peter, Dec 10, 2004
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  2. Peter

    Jerry G. Guest

    I am typing to you on one at this time. It is very good. It is a descent
    basic laptop. The one that I am using has XP-Pro installed. It has 512 mb
    RAM, 60 gb hard disk, 3 USB, wireless and wire connect Ethernet, 56k modem,
    and a few other things I cannot even think about. I bought a PCMCIA two port
    serial adaptor to be able to run a few serial devices with it.

    I use it as a remote computer around my office, or to take with me when I go
    out. I am running some database utilities, and a full blown office system on
    it. I also use it with a remote X1 celliar phone link to go on the net,
    search for things, and do email while I am on the road with it.

    I am also using it with an 8 mp digital camera (very large file size), and
    doing some photo editing, and or cropping with it when I am out. I can then
    modem over the cell phone, the picture to any of the locations that require

    I also use it with a Voyager 200 calculator that is 68,000 processor based
    for some operations where this is required. The calculator is connected to a
    USB port for this.

    I also use a mini Webcam on it, and work it with the celliar phone as well.

    I have had this machine working full blast, and I cannot complain about it.
    When compared to a full blown P4 desktop, the comparison would not be fair.
    But, when compared to a PIII using a full blown P4 processor, the 2300 will
    out perform it.

    As for stability, when using XP-Pro, I can leave this machine on for a week
    (using AC power), and it is rock steady. When back at my office, I sit it
    down on a table, and run it from the power supply. The wireless network
    picks it up, and it becomes accessible the main file server. The only
    external devices I use are a Microsoft optical Intelli Mouse, and an
    external Plextore DVD drive, when required.

    The pad mouse in front of the keyboard is excellent. It will take some
    getting used to, and time to learn it. There is a very extensive setup for
    it. Once all done, you may end up liking it more than the regular mouse, but
    it will not be as fast. I use it together with the MS mouse. I infact
    contacted the manufacture of the pad mouse, and found a source to have an
    external one for the desktop machines. It is fairly expensive, but I have a
    few of them on order for our computers here.

    The 2300 is a good all around notepad type of laptop. I would not want it
    for a main computer, but it is very good for going out on the road, and
    getting the work done. I found it a bit big to use in public places, where a
    laptop is acceptable to use.

    The advantage of the Celeron-M, is that it will last a lot longer on battery
    power than the full P4 type laptop. I cannot remember the numbers, but I can
    get a whole day of use out of it, and I never came back with a fully drained
    battery. I also have a P4 Toshiba that I bought a number of years ago. This
    one will drain the battery in a few hours. I found it to be useless when
    remote portability is needed for a long day of work. This is a strong reason
    why I bought the 2300.


    Jerry G.

    AS I am new to computers I was wondering if anybody could tell me If an Acer
    TravelMate 2300 Series notebook is ok and what would be a good equivalent?
    Jerry G., Dec 11, 2004
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  3. Peter

    The One Guest

    The One, Dec 17, 2004
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