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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Steve Ames, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Steve Ames

    Steve Ames Guest

    My company has started working with a VoIP carrier to bring calls from our
    various regions into our centralized call center. Here's today's problem:

    The incoming DNIS is 10 digits. The call center software only understands 7
    digits. That was peachy when it was operating in one geographical area but
    now if you just drop the area-code (US) then there will be overlap as those
    7 digits are no longer unique. Ick. The preferred solution is to gix the
    call center software and we are working with our vendor on that. However. In
    the interim I want to create a big map that will translate the incoming DNIS
    so that the number that reaches the call center software _IS_ unique:

    2025551212 -> 3100000
    2125551212 -> 3100001
    3125551212 -> 3100001

    Seemed like a fairly straightforward concept. So I jump onto my trusky cisco
    router (2651XM BTW) and notice that I can have like 2 billion translation
    tables but each table can only have 11 rules. This seems a bit odd and seems
    designed to make my life difficult as I just want one big table with a few
    hundred rules in it. (Can you even apply more than one rule to an

    Is there a better way to do direct mapping (like the above)? I have a couple
    hundred numbers that need mapping and there isn't any simple transform that
    can be applied that will guarentee a unique number (that I've thought of).

    Steve Ames, Nov 21, 2003
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