Transferring from old to New Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ivan.cromer, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. ivan.cromer

    ivan.cromer Guest

    So I finally put an 80 gig Hard Drive in my Compaq, it previosly had a 10gig
    I reinstalled XP, so all the Applications, i have installed on my old 10gig,
    is it possib;e to somehow copy the 10 onto the 80, like, if i put it in as
    a slave?. Bearing in mind, this was my O/S Master?(the 10)

    Reinstalling would probs have not been necessary, but i have waited 3 weeks
    to put the 80 in, as last time i tried it, my BIOS only recognised 16 gig of
    the 80(maxtor), so i went into realms of jotting down how to use Maxblast4,
    and do DDO's etc. Strangely enough..THIS time, after all the freaking out (i
    am totally new to upgrading), it recognised ALL 80 gig ??
    Confused, but very happy. So what can i do with my 10 gig, and all the
    usefull stuff on it, copy it to the 80 how.? I created a 50/30 partition c:
    and d: , e: is dvd rw, so will it allow me a slave, as i presume it will be
    F. ?? ... I have just put the old 10 in my PC as a slave, but i doubt just
    pasting everything would be Okay?

    Hope ya can Help Out Here, Thanks... Fred

    Compaq deskpro, XP Pro, pent 111, 650 mhz
    ivan.cromer, Nov 21, 2005
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  2. ivan.cromer

    Dexter Guest

    ivan.cromer [email protected], wrote in message
    Dexter, Nov 21, 2005
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