Transfering files from one computer to another one

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Terry, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Terry

    Terry Guest

    I just bought a new Dell computer with Windows XP. What
    is the easiest way to get my mp3 files over to my new
    computer from my old one. I used DirectCD to backup the
    drives on the old computer, but now I can't get the backup
    files uncompressed to read the MP3's. Is there any easier
    way?? Please Help!!
    Terry, Jul 14, 2003
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  2. Presuming you have network cards in both pcs... I would use a crossover
    Martin Schmid, Jul 14, 2003
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  3. Terry

    Samir Patel Guest

    Plug the old hard drive into the new computer
    Samir Patel, Jul 15, 2003
  4. Terry

    Rav Guest

    Or use a USB pendrive if you dont wanna open up your PC..
    Rav, Jul 17, 2003
  5. Terry

    Steve Guest

    Your new Dell will have a utility built into it to
    transfer all data off an old computer into the Dell.
    Look it up in help or call Dell tech support and have
    them walk you through it. Very easy actually, a wizard.
    Steve, Jul 21, 2003
  6. Terry

    Chris Kirk Guest

    If you have XP loaded on both PC's or have an XP disk you
    can use the "files and settings transfer wizard" to
    transfer all of your documents, backgrounds, user settings.
    then save it to CD and use the tool again to place the
    files on your new PC. Or just burn the files directly to
    cd without compressing them (using XP's integrated burner
    once again if you have XP on the old pc or whatever
    program you use for burning) your best bet might be to
    network the 2 together like someone else mentioned. the
    problem with placing the hard drive in the other machine
    is that XP will expect the hard drive to stay in the
    machine and may error at you if you remove it once it is
    removed. If both Pc's have usb you could link them with
    USB cable too.

    i hope one of those ideas work
    chris k
    Chris Kirk, Jul 25, 2003
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