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Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Mikoyan, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Mikoyan

    Mikoyan Guest

    I want to download Server 2008 180 day trial version for study purposes. I
    have virtual pc 2007 so I need 32 bit version. My problem is the trial
    version I get from Microsoftv website doesn't have a product key, so it
    expires too quickly. I know I can 'rearm' to extend it's life, but this is
    proving frustrating.

    To quote from Microsoft website:
    "How to manually rearm the 10 day activation grace period
    When the initial 10-day activation period nears its end, you can run the
    Slmgr.vbs script to reset it back to 10 days. To do this, follow these

    1. Click Start, and then click Command Prompt.

    2. Type slmgr.vbs -dli, and then press ENTER to check the current status of
    your activation period.

    3. To reset the activation period, type slmgr.vbs -rearm, and then press

    4. Restart the computer.

    This resets the activation period to 10 days, and can be used up to five
    times. After this you will need to either activate or reinstall the

    As my maths tells me 5 x 10 days = 50 days, so hardly a 180 day trial
    version is it?

    Please, where on Microsoft website can I download a 180 day trial version of
    server 2008 that will last 180 days?

    Thanks for any help, Anastas
    Mikoyan, Dec 22, 2009
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  2. Hi Anastas,

    The simple answer is you cannot download a 180 day trial. However if you
    buy a Microsoft Press book such as the Self-Paced Study Guides they come
    with a 180 day trial.

    Good luck!

    Mitch Garvis, MCT, Dec 23, 2009
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