traffic-limit problem and ip precedence

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by tony, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. tony

    tony Guest


    I have a question relating to throttling of traffic.
    A standard access list wont work as you cannot apply traffic shape to the in
    and out interface of a serial interface.
    I have 2 lines - one to an international provider and one for local traffic.
    A client wants 128k of "international" access, therefore I create a access
    list limiting user to 128k (I put this access list on the serial interfact
    going to the international provider.). That limits outgoing international
    International traffic coming in has an ip precedence of 2. Is there a way I
    can apply traffic shape on the ethernet interface to limit traffic going to
    network x.x.x.x/28 and the traffic has ip precedence of 2 ?
    tony, Jun 7, 2006
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  2. tony

    SAto Guest

    tony skrev:
    Is this what you're looking for?

    access-list 199 permit ip any x.x.x.x precedence 2
    access-list 199 deny ip any any

    SAto, Jun 7, 2006
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